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Fortress of Madagascar : National unity

“Fortress of Madagascar” : National unity

“Fortress of Madagascar” : National unity

“Fortress of Madagascar” : National unity

President Andry Rajoelina rebaptized Rovan'Antananarivo. Now “Fortress of Madagascar”, the newly restored monument is the symbol of sovereignty, erected as a base of national unity.


This is the new name of “Antananarivo Fort”, according to the speech of the President of the Republic, yesterday. A strong new name as a symbol because, according to him, the site and the monuments within it, newly rehabilitated is erected as a base of national unity.

"The Rova is the binder that will unite, that unites all Malagasy”, says the head of state. Indeed, national unity was one of the points Andry Rajoelina insisted on in his inauguration speech of the newly restored Rova, yesterday. Speech given in front of Besakana Palace, one of the two main palaces within the “Rovan’i Madagasikara”. A lot, the palace of the king Andrianampoinimerina, in which his successors received the anointing legitimizing them as monarchs.

The President points out that "it will be in unity that we could do great things and restore the pride of the Malagasy nation". Bringing the feeling of pride to its climax, sovereignty and national unity, prima facie, was the focus of yesterday's ceremony.


Traditional authorities from different regions of the country were represented. Political actors, social and cultural, as well as economic operators have also, been present. The only false note was the absence of members of the opposition whose, RIVO Rafik, president of the senate. “We may have different opinions and feelings, only, our history unites us, since we share an island that is Madagascar, and the Malagasy are one”, add, However, Andry Rajoelina, insisting on the angle of national unity.

Also, the other point highlighted by the Head of State in his inauguration speech, yesterday, is sovereignty. “This monument of our heritage is the image of national sovereignty”, affirms, President of the Republic. In this logic, he underlines that the rehabilitation of the site which he renamed "Rovan'i Madagasikara", was financed by the State's own funds.

The Rova will open to the public before Christmas

Majestic. The word sums up the sensation that takes on the body when crossing the gates of Rovan'Antananarivo, renamed "Fortress of Madagascar", by President Andry Rajoelina. According to his speech yesterday, we will open the site to the public before the Christmas holidays.

With some updates to mark its entry into the era 2.0, the Rova, but above all the palace of Manjakamiadana regains its splendor of yesteryear. From the gates, we have an impressive view of the palace of the Queens of Madagascar. Having had a makeover, his granite clothes, bathed in the sun are sparkling. The evening, the palace which overlooks the entire city of Antananarivo is coated with light to bewitch the nights of the inhabitants of the capital and people passing through.

All the splendor and majesty of the Manjakamiadana Palace is now an invitation to come and visit it. Shadow of himself for twenty-five years, the "Fortress of Madagascar", finally rises from its ashes. “The flames destroyed 90% of this heritage, during the fire of 6 November 1995 », says Francis Razafiarison, director general of culture, at the Ministry of Communication and Culture.

The inauguration yesterday, concerns the end of the restoration works of the palace of Manjakamiadana and that of Besakana. Former residence of king Andrianampoinimerina, Besakana has retained its sobriety and authenticity.

(Source : Madagascar Express – 07/11/20)

Fortress of Madagascar : National unity – by #CocoLodgeJungle

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