Make a road trip to Madagascar and Mahajanga
For an unforgettable stay with family or friends, just to fly out of the blue on one of the largest islands in the Indian ocean, Madagascar. This getaway contributes to the discovery of many heavenly places and meet friendly people and landscapes with a thousand faces. Pacing the streets paved of the capital of Antananarivo, discuss with the traditional fishermen on the provincial side of Tamatave, enjoy the atmosphere of Tulear backpacker, These are previews of activities to do during a stay in the heart of the big island. This last is a gross destination that is filled with great natural wealth of national parks, of beaches and lush vegetation. This is why she so interested lovers of road trip in the open air. Regarding vacation rentals, Madagascar has many facilities in response to the needs of each visitor if we talk about its star hotels and its different lodges.

Make a road trip to Madagascar and Mahajanga
Make a road trip to Madagascar and Mahajanga by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga

Mahajanga, a province that is really worth a visit
Holidays in Madagascar can be synonymous with extreme disorientation. Indeed, This jewel of the Indian ocean is a real paradise for lovers of relaxation and sunbathing. To enjoy, one tailor-made stay Mahajanga is a great alternative to indulge in various tourism activities proposed by the local. Located in the northern part of the West coast of the big island, This region is the most coveted because of its typical and preserved landscape. A cosmopolitan city, Mahajanga holds an unusual setting combining dream beaches, mangroves, reserves natural and much more. Before leaving to other websites, travellers can buy handmade souvenirs like bottles of sand illustrated patterns and scenery, embroidery, the sculpture, jewellery or even the leather work. It is worth noting that the creation of a label by the name of "ANGAYA" allows local craftsmen to guarantee to foreigners that their products are reliable and of high quality.

The unmissable Mahajanga
Car rental is one of the safe ways to browse the whole city of Mahajanga. L’Coco Lodge Majunga travel agency You proposes many circuits in the Boeny/Mahajanga region. Thanks to this formula, travelers will have the privilege of visiting the most beautiful sites of this province of Madagascar, starting with its four main beaches. Then, a trip in the National Park of Ankarafantsika and the Tsingy of Namoroka is unavoidable. For more sensations, the caves of Anjohibe and Belobaka also deserve a special visit. Finally, fans of tropical cuisines will certainly find their share of happiness. This locality is home to several legendary restaurants serving African and Asian specialties, but Malagasy sauce. Also, the three steps of Mahajanga, Bazaar-Be, Tsaramandroso and Mahabibo are not to be missed.


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