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Return of the NGO Tourism Without Borders to Madagascar

Return of the NGO Tourism Without Borders to Madagascar

Return of the NGO Tourism Without Borders to Madagascar

Madagascar is moving… and Majunga is relaunching tourism. The results of the efforts are beginning to appear.

Indeed, the various actions to revive tourism in Madagascar and also in Mahajanga are starting to bear fruit.

Eric Razafimaitra, who is the vice-president of the board of directors of the national tourism office in Madagascar (ONTM) and president of the board of directors of the Boeny regional tourist office (ORTB), was on mission in Paris last week.

Tourism : Good news for the destination Madagascar and Majunga

This mission provided good news for the tourism sector. The NGO Tourism Without Borders (TSF) announced his return to Madagascar. But the most important is also the appointment of Éric Razafimaitra to the post of permanent delegate of TSF in Madagascar. It was during the TSF general assembly on 6 last June in Paris. He represented the country at this general assembly.

“The NGO Tourisme Sans Frontière, the French NGO, is a partner in technical support for emerging destinations. The assembly allows countries or destinations to participate and request technical or financial support from this NGO”, said the permanent delegate of TSF in Madagascar.

Several points focused on this meeting in France, including what particularly concerns Madagascar.

Tourism : Heading towards the North-West of Madagascar

Concerning the case of the Boeny region and Mahajanga, the collaboration between the NGO TSF and ORT Boeny is renewed. Remember that actions were supported by the TSF in technical support of the Mahajanga destination thanks to the agreement between the city of Mulhouse and that of Majunga since 2012.

Mahajanga being one of the most beautiful destinations in Madagascar. The region is a dream destination for those who dream of exoticism. It's nice and warm for most of the year. The natural sites to visit are breathtakingly beautiful with exceptional flora and fauna. Namely, Caves of Anjohibe, Ankarafantsika National Park, Katsepy and Antrema reserve, Mahavavy-Kinkony complex (true bird sanctuary), Tsingy de Namoroka, Sacred Lake of Mangatsa, Circus Red, the beaches of Antsanitia are the sites not to be missed.


In time, work, resulted in the participation of the Majunga Tourist Office in the Solidarissimo exhibition and the participation of Madagascar in this same exhibition in 2013. Projects will be studied by the ORTB and will be sent to TSF for the launch of this new collaboration.

Indeed, this concerns, among other things, the future twinning of the town of Mahajanga and a town in Alsace. The presentation of the project will be made by the representative of the town hall of Mulhouse and Colmar at the next General Assembly of the TSF.

TSF's initiative to resume cooperation is motivated by Madagascar's participation during the last Solidarissimo exhibition in Colmar in November 2022. The possibility of participation of Madagascar and Mahajanga for this edition of 2023 is also one of the reasons.

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Source : Madagascar Express