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Reappearance of a chameleon that has since disappeared 100 years

Reappearance of a chameleon that has since disappeared 100 years

Reappearance of a chameleon that has since disappeared 100 years

An endemic chameleon from Madagascar

Reappearance of a chameleon that has since disappeared 100 years . Disappeared for a century already, an endemic chameleon species has reappeared in northwestern Madagascar. This is Voeltzkow's Chameleon, met for the first time in 1893 and last seen in 1913.

Par Global Wildlife Conservation

Global Wildlife conservation makes us understand that this is a very special discovery on a tweet. " It's here 06th of our most wanted lost species ! ».

Researchers also alert us to the fact that these animals are fragile and that their habitats are threatened by deforestation.. “These rediscoveries are very important because they provide crucial conservation data and also bring some hope in the midst of a biodiversity crisis”.

The team of researchers who made the rediscovery, were working as part of an expedition to search for the 25 most wanted animal species in the world, for the Global Wildlife Conservation. The expedition leader, Frank Rain, together with his team from the Vertebrate Department of the Bavarian State Zoology Collection found the reptiles during the last two days of their expedition.

The discovery offers an opportunity to document the female of the species, the only specimens having already been studied in the past being males. Both sexes are normally green, but they can sport a black and white coat with red dots when strongly stimulated, stress or hormonal changes during mating or pregnancy.

To protect !

According to scientists, this particular species of chameleon lives only during the rainy season. Like its closest cousin, Laborde's chameleon, its life cycle lasts only a few months.

“These animals are essentially mayflies among the vertebrates”, said Frank Glaw, curator of reptiles and amphibians. “They are growing fast, breed, and die a few months after birth..

After the expedition, Glaw and his team believe that Voeltzkow's Chameleon should be listed as an endangered species with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), world authority on endangered species.

Madagascar, cradle of biodiversity

With more more than 90 endemic species, Madagascar is the paradise of chameleons. They are seen all over the Big Island, especially in the many national parks and protected areas.

The Northwest is a region particularly conducive to the life of these reptiles, like the Ankarafantsika National Park, in the province of Mahajanga. Indeed, he houses besides many endemic lemurs and birds, three endemic chameleon species. Which : the Brookesia dentata, le Brookesia decaryi and Furcifer rhinoceratus.

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