Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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The age of the famous Majunga baobab

How old is the famous baobab of Majunga ?

How old is the famous baobab of Majunga ?

Madagascar is home to several species of baobabs. This emblematic tree is very important for Malagasy. The city of Majunga has one that is very symbolic, located a few meters from the Hotel★★★ Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga. This article will give you more information about this famous flower city baobab.

The big baobab of Majunga

The baobab of Majunga or “Buie be”, scientific name “Adansonia digitata” serves as the emblem of Majunga. It is located on the seaside of the city of Mahajanga.

Especially since of the seven species of Baobab present in Madagascar, It is the only one of the seven species of Baobab present in Madagascar common to Africa. Formerly, it served as an execution post for those sentenced to death at one time. This famous baobab is part of the heritage of the city of Majunga.

He made the reputation of the city. The legend itself says that “to get to know the city, travelers have to do it 7 times around”. Same for people who want to start businesses there.. This rite will allow them to have the blessing of the ancestors in their projects.

Know – you how old he is exactly ?

According to recent research conducted by a team of researchers led by Adrian Patrut, this famous baobab tree is aged’about 275 years (+ or – 25). This famous Mahajanga seaside baobab made up of six trunks that have fused together has been dated by the AMS radiocarbon method (Accelerator Mass Spectrometer). The results indicate that he is aged 275 ± 25 years. He affirms that the historic baobab of Majunga began to grow around the year 1750.

You will have more information on this results and these searches on : HTTPS://…/370141875_Radiocarbon…

Majunga : a major tourist destination

Mahajanga or Majunga is a magical city on the North coast – West of Madagascar.
Those who choose to go to Majunga for the holidays have multiple choices. Several sites to visit exist in the locality.

The best places not to miss :

  • The Anjohibe caves,
  • Antsanitia beach and the sacred lake Mangatsa
  • The red circus and the beach of Grand Pavois
  • Lighthouse and the blue circus of Katsepy
  • Remontée de la Betsiboka (flamingo safari)
  • NAP CMK (Bird Safari and Lake Kinkony Tour)
  • Antanimalandy (to the White Lands – Moramba bath)

You can visit these sites with Coco Lodge Tour Operator. We offer 4×4 tours to visit the entire Boeny region.

For those who don't want to leave the city, they can always visit its different neighborhoods and the corners that make it famous. The best known is the promenade along Boulevard Marcoz de la Corniche. There, sunsets, which have a particular reflection above the bay of Bombetoka, are impregnable. Of course, it would be a shame to miss the majestic Baobab centenary.

A detour to the side of the cathedral is also recommended.. Finally, do not forget the visit to the port of dhows where local products from the western regions of Madagascar land..

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