The first edition of the ITCE (Exhibition international import of China) has taken place in Shanghai the 5 November 2018. The Malagasy delegation, conducted by Jean Brunelle RAZAFINTSIANDRAOFA, the Minister of tourism, went there to promote the tourist attractions in Madagascar and encourage Chinese travellers to visit the big island.

China is now part of the country providing a number among the most important of tourists with a strong purchasing power. China ceasing to opened up to outside, support and economic cooperation between Madagascar and China open every day growing opportunities for decades to come. For 2019, the Chinese Government has pledged to double the number of Chinese tourists bound for Madagascar.

Authorities and operators are mobilizing to Sainte-Marie…

The Holy Island Marie and Nosy Be are the first areas to prepare to welcome these tourists who are particularly attracted to the resorts.

The Delegation of tourism of Nosy Boraha has organized an information meeting the 11 January 2019 at the hotel VANIVOLA in Sainte Marie. Several authorities and local operators participated in this meeting such as the prefect of Police, the Member of Holy Mary, the Mayor of the Commune of urban, the heads of State and military services, tourist and economic operators, service providers, tour guides and associations working in the field of tourism in Sainte Marie.

Various points were explained by Louise Miranda KOTOSON, The tourism of Nosy Boraha delegate. Crucial data were revealed: the evolution of arrivals of Chinese tourists to Madagascar and Sainte Marie since 3 years and the prospects for the Ministry of tourism and the objectives of the highlighting of Malagasy tourism in China. The expectations of Chinese tourists, preparation tools to accommodate, control offers available to effectively meet the demands of these guests from afar, were also covered. Madam tourism delegate helped operators to improve the quality of service for the destination image, to diversify the services to offer to get more revenue while preserving the environment.

… as well as Nosy Be

The Delegation of the tourism of Nosy - Be represented by Iavy Tatiana RAMBELOSON also held an information workshop, awareness as well as organization of arrivals of Chinese tourists, the 11 January 2019 in the conference room of the ARO Assurance in Nosy-Be. Local authorities, tour operators and tour guides attended.

The delegation put the point on the need for training in foreign languages, the awareness of tourism operators to improve reception facilities and to increase the accommodation capacity. Operators were excited with the opportunity that is presented. The Regional Director of the DIANA tourism, LEA black DOLCE presented the objectives and challenges of the Ministry of tourism, as well as the purpose of the workshop. Operators took advantage of the opportunity to share their experiences and make proposals on how to accommodate these tourists to meet the requirements of the latter.

Madagascar tourism sector remains under-exploited. The visit of the Malagasy delegation to the ITCE has allowed a strengthening of the China-Madagascar relationship which we can hope that it will have repercussions in terms of attendance. Nothing is won because the Chinese market presents some peculiarities that sometimes difficult to blend with the realities of the island. The Chinese, Indeed, perform very short breaks in each of the countries they visit during the same trip : difficult to discover a few aspects of a large island within a few days. Chinese customers is, on the other hand, fond of luxury and benefits very "high-end" still very little widespread in Madagascar. These characteristics explain that despite many efforts in recent years, by the National Office of tourism of Madagascar, Chinese tourists are still only very few many. The recent offensive will attempt to restore momentum to address this emerging market.

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