Nobel Peace Prize for Father Pedro ?

Nobel Peace Prize for Father Pedro ?

Nobel Peace Prize for Father Pedro ?

He is nominated again for the Nobel Peace Prize. In any case, he deserves it amply. It's the Slovenian Prime Minister, Janez Jana, who nominated him for the sixth time.

He turned a mountain of rubbish into a village of hope for the poor of the streets of Tana. Twenty-five thousand of them have now regained human dignity in Andralanitra.

Nobel Peace Prize for Father Pedro ? Will this next time be the right one ?

In any case, he has the charisma to win this award. It meets all the criteria. It contributes to the rapprochement of peoples, it brings together and propagates progress for peace. And the most important, is that he deserves this award.

Father Pedro Opeka has done a lot in the fight against poverty, source of peace, since his arrival and installation, There are 50 years. He has made countless achievements in Madagascar, with the humanitarian association Akamasoa, which he founded in 1989.

He did, more than any head of state has done for the poorest.

A week after his arrival in the capital, March 1989, while he visits sick people in the suburbs, he discovers the city dump. There, he comes face to face with a thousand children and parents who live on a mountain of garbage and compete for their food among dogs and pigs.

At the same time as he is confronted with this apocalyptic image of the decay of human beings in extreme poverty, he says one thing to himself, is that here he has no right to speak, we have to act.

Without him knowing exactly what to do, he is determined to go back to this hell to get the families and especially the children who live there out.

The results of its actions are there. Four thousand dwellings are built, of which a hundred built a year. They serve as housing for garbage collectors at the garbage dump site in Andralanitra and other poor families.


He built hundreds of schools, including a university, always for the benefit of the poor. Then, he pulled twenty-five thousand people out of poverty. And he schooled fifteen thousand Malagasy children.

His battle is not limited to his proteges on Ambohimahitsy Hill. On the occasion of the celebration of its 50 years of service in Madagascar, en 2020, he invited companies in Madagascar to raise funds to help drought victims in the South. And he was able to raise sixty million ariary, that he sent to the target populations.

Father Pédro has already received several recognitions and honorary distinctions. The most recent date was the 2019. President Andry Rajoelina elevated him to the rank of Second-class Grand Cross, during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Akamasoa Association, September 2019.

The current head of state is the only president to have demonstrated his recognition for the efforts this cleric is making in Madagascar to help the country fight poverty. He was by his side, since the Transition. It is at Father Pedro's church that the Rajoelina family celebrates Christmas and other Christian holidays, alongside the protégés of this religious. And he supports him in his actions. He said:, in any case, facilitated the acquisition of federal land to expand Father Pedro Opeka's project.

Source : The Madagascar Express of 05/02/21

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