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First Forum economic of Mayotte organized by the ADIM Ben Issa OUSSENI #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

First Forum economic of Mayotte organized by the Agency for development and Innovation of Mayotte - ADIM-

This international Forum took place over two days the Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 November in Mamoudzou, with entrepreneurs in Mayotte, but also other islands of the Indian Ocean, including MADAGASCAR, the Kenya, Tanzania and France.

L’hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga, by the mean of its Director, Eric Petitjean, was present with all the CEOI team (Crossroads of Entrepreneurs in the Indian Ocean), including its President Xavier Desplanques.



Premier Forum Economique de Mayotte organisé par l’ADIM

First Economic Forum of Mayotte organized by ADIM by Hôtel★★★ Gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga

Word from the President Ben Issa OUSSENI, President of the ADIM
This forum is especially arranged for the economic world, for the mahorais entrepreneurs and to develop the economy of Mayotte. It is organized around four main axes :
– the internationalization of businesses mahorais,
– the attractiveness of the territory,
– innovation,
– the financing of enterprises.
We organize to ensure that most of the participants are contractors mahorais.
We have business leaders invited Maurice, Madagascar, Comoros, The meeting, Kenya, Tanzania and France hexagonal.
These meetings will provide an opportunity for the economic actors of the territory to better understand the actions of the ADIM and learn to work together to enhance the territory economic development initiatives.
Topics for reflection on our commitment and our actions for the economic development of our territory are plethora. It is our responsibility to develop and to make them known through regular exchanges because our companies more than ever need to collaborate and develop joint projects. I hope that these meetings are an opportunity to deepen relations with all economic actors of the territory but also in our immediate geographical environment and the national and international level.

Varied topics have been mentioned as :

    • Business intelligence for the development of businesses mahorais
    • The investment opportunities and partnerships for Mayotte (INSEE, IAB Mayotte, MEDEF, CADEMA, …)
    • Islamic finance with a presentation of the Islamic Bank of Tanzania
    • European funding (-ERDF- European Fund for Regional development, Business France, Overseas Network, -CPME- Confederation of SMEs, BPI France, -iEDOM- Institute of issue of overseas departments, -AFD- French Development Agency, Caisse des dépôts group, …)
    • Hello, Start'up (meeting with Paris investors as part of fundraising in partnership with overseas Network - Elevator Pitch)
    • Development of air transport in East Africa and opportunities for Mayotte
    • Coaching on the 'Business Codes' in East Africa (know his offer and decode the reactions of your contacts.
    • Workshop on "preparation of an export project. (acquire market information, check the market potential, development strategy through looking for an importer/distributor or a location.
    • Business financing tools (Business Angel, Crowdfunding, venture capital, …)
    • Discovery of the culture and art culinary mahorais
    • Discovery of the economic activities of the lagoon
    • Discovery of port infrastructure (visit of the Port of Longoni) and airport
    • Visit the AEZ development projects (Technopole project, Data Center, AEZ, rehabilitation of the area of Dubai, The lookout...)

The Invest operation organized in Mayotte by the ADIM in Paris in partnership with overseas Network, is located in the wider context of this first Forum economic of Mayotte, According to the President of the ADIM Ben Issa OUSSENI.
These two operations, one in Paris and the other in Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, are complementary and aim to develop the attractiveness and contribute to the economic development of the 101st French Department, who offers important opportunities of development.
I am pleased that the partnership signed with overseas Network allows us to benefit from accommodation to STATION F for the reception of the mahorais entrepreneurs in Paris. It is therefore natural that I wanted to organize this first meeting with donors and investors in France in this place of innovation and entrepreneurship.
This is to introduce our know-how and enable entrepreneurs mahorais to meet new partners. Our ambition is to develop new investments in Mayotte as part of new opportunities.
The strategy implementation with our partners is especially to preserve actors economic mahorais by strengthening their activities and by promoting partnerships.
We are confident that this meeting will enable to build relationships and encourage donors and investors strongly interested in Mayotte and the mahorais.
We very much hope that investment projects can emerge from this meeting and we give you to all appointments in Mayotte on the occasion of the next Economic Forum of 14 and 15 November 2018.
The Agency of development and innovation of Mayotte, as well as its partners will be honoured to welcome you and to accompany you to discover existing investment opportunities.

by Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga

Strategic, dynamic, persuasive individual with 15 years experience in driving the performance of an ICT Company in the very tough environment of French Speaking African Countries. My main duties were to achieve all the targets in terms of sales, quotas and financial results (BS, P&L, FR, CFM) and be responsible for hiring and managing Human Resources teams. I am a confident, enthusiastic and inspiring individual who would enjoy partaking in areas of management, marketing, logistic, finance analysis, strategy, ISO, HR, etc.