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Marshall Plan in Madagascar

Marshall Plan in Madagascar #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Marshall Plan in Madagascar

In his last speech, Sunday 15 June, President Andry Rajoelina announced a Marshall Plan in Madagascar.

Already enshrined in the amending finance bill, it is planned to inject a sum of Ariary 1 043 billions to boost the national economy.

"All districts will be affected"

Divided into the 119 Madagascar districts, several projects in several areas are planned.

The President has made this clear : "All districts will be affected". And he insisted thatit will offer opportunity to local operators to benefit from it. Tenders will be conducted at the district level. Construction is expected to start this year.

The President stressed that in the implementation of this plan, it will not tolerate corruption, neither nepotism, nor favouritism.

This Marshall Plan will cover, among other things, the rehabilitation of 1 250 kilometres of road and the construction of 1 100 classrooms. The plan also plans to build 33 new hospitals, accompanied by accommodation for medical staff. It also plans to build new 174 offices in municipalities, Districts and Regions, and 44 apartment buildings and ministerial offices.

President Andry Rajoelina also spoke ofdrinking water supply which concerns dozens of districts.

Andry Rajoelina bets on "Vita Malagasy" to boost the country's economy.

"We need to industrialize the country. We need to produce everything people need on a daily basis":. Though, Marshall Plan funding sources were not identified.

Under this Marshall Plan, The state clearly intends to achieve two objectives at once. Boosting the national economy, while fulfilling the commitments of the presidential campaign. The challenge is to build at least one factory in each district, and create 100 local trades at a minimum. (The Madagascar Express 15/06/20)

More funds are needed, according to a specialist

Interviewed by the Midi Madagascar team, Lucka Cedric Ratsironkavana, economist specializing in Social Protection, expresses his idea on the subject. According to him, "More funds are needed to support production".

"The budget available to each region is allocated according to several parameters. Yet, if we assume an equal share of the Marshall fund, that's done 47 Ariary billions by region to carry out the various investment projects mentioned above. What turns out to be insufficient, given the challenges ahead. The construction of roads alone will require 1 billion Ariary per km on average. With 1 250 km of roads to be built, the costs will be colossal. In a second phase, to achieve the sustainable development goal (ODD) aiming for quality national education for all, an additional total amount of 174 million USD per year remains to be mobilized. It is clear that, relative to needs, the fund of this Marshall Plan is minimal. This budget must be massively increased if the Plan is to succeed. On the other hand, the positive point that needs to be drawn is that, each region will see a larger investment budget compared to the one indicated in the original finance law. » (Noon Madagasikara_18/06/20)

But, hope that the Red Island can finally recover.

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