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Kitchen key handover

Kitchen key handover

Kitchen key handover

We handed over the kitchen key to Chef Line.

Chef Noël is retiring but he is still with the team in the kitchen if needed.

She was among the kitchen team at the gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga for almost 08 years now as second Chef. Chef Line replaces chef Noël. She has her hand, Training, experience, so the charisma, of the profession of Chef.

Thus, yesterday, before retiring, Chef Noël had the pleasure of passing on the key to the kitchen to the new Chef, Line.

“She has charisma”

Chef Noël is convinced that she has what it takes to fulfill this role, as much as he did. They worked together for 08 long years. So they know each other. And they have always shared their recipe secrets.

In other words, they have the same skills, except that Line has a little more : " creativity ". And this is a considerable advantage in an innovative cuisine such as the gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga.

Even Didier Denamur, a great professional passionate about cooking/bar, and a hotel coach, is convinced that Line is an excellent Chef. “Line has the charisma of the profession. She has the hand of a great Chef. She has all the necessary skills. And she has the passion and creativity to boot.”.

During the visit of Didier Denamur during the end of year celebrations, they spent a dozen days of training and exchange lunch and dinner.

Solid training and experience

Before arriving at Coco Lodge Majunga in 2013, Chef Line had already received cooking training. And she worked with Chef Noel for almost 08 years now. She was his second.

In April 2014, we launched our Lebanese map. Our Chef (Christmas) was formed by Oriental in Ivandry Antananarivo. Of course, he transmits to his team including his successor, Chef Line.

In may 2016, the famous chef Nicolas Milliot came 4 days at the coconut Lodge for an intense training with the team kitchen.

Chef Nicolas Milliot has worked with the greatest chefs in their kitchens to train their brigades in new technologies for cooking in ovens, The silver tower, Tired with Nomicos, 15th Attitude Cyril Lignac, Le Fouquet's, ... and one of his students settled in Brittany with 2 buttons in the Michelin «Olivier Bellin restaurant the Glazicks»

And the recent passage of Chef Didier Denamur in December 2020 His passage was only beneficial for Coco Lodge Majunga and his team. The kitchen team had the opportunity to receive very good training. "These two weeks with Chef Didier have marked great moments of sharing experiences" confirms Line, our leader.

Didier Denamur and the team in the kitchen

Didier Denamur and the kitchen team

Our kitchen team is not ready to forget the achievements they have been able to acquire thanks to Chef Didier Denamur. And so we continue to serve you the best meals.

As for Chef Line, she said it herself : " I am ready ! ».

Congratulations Chef Line !

Gourmet restaurant

At the Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga, you are guaranteed to always find gourmet French cuisine, Malagasy and Lebanese, full of flavors. We only improve our services.

You can enjoy magnificent platters of seafood, traditional Malagasy cuisine, and good French dishes.

More original, the chef of the Coco Lodge also offers to discover Lebanese gastronomy with assortments of mezzes.

In addition, it honors one of flagship products of Madagascar : chocolate. "Can't resist our chef's combava chocolate fondant and fleur de sel" assures Eric Petitjean.

The restaurant provides breakfast and is open all day lunch and dinner except Sunday lunch.

PROMOTION for all Majungais

For this month of January, until the 20 February, take advantage of our PROMOTION for all Majungais.

We offer the FREE double room to all residents of Majunga, who come to have a good dinner and breakfast at the Hotel ★★★ Coconut Lodge Majunga gourmet restaurant, including cabaret dinner evenings every Friday evening.

You only pay for what you consume without any minima.

By #CocoLodgeMajunga

We are now both :

  • A very beautiful hôtel★★★ with 18 spacious comfortable rooms,
  • One gourmet restaurant with a beautiful wine cellar, whiskies, rums and champagnes with a capacity of 60 Covered, offering Malagasy cuisine, French, Lebanese and seafood specialties,
  • Un bar piscine with cocktails, "tsakitsaky", pancakes and waffles available at all hours,
  • One organizer of events and conferences with 3 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 90 people. We can receive themed lunch/dinner, engagement, wedding, anniversary, boy-girl stag, marriage proposal, …
  • A travel and tourism services company (License C),
  • One tour operator (B license),
  • A 4×4 rental company and quads (all geo-located with valid liability insurance) and with graduate drivers guide, who can insure all your transfers, for example from Antananarivo airport to Majunga, but also from Nosy Be to Majunga.

Best wishes for 2021 from the entire Coco Lodge Majunga team !

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