Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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Coco Lodge Majunga : Entrust us with your event projects

Organize your wedding at Coco Lodge Majunga

Organize your wedding at Coco Lodge Majunga

To mark one of the most important moments of your life, organize your wedding at Coco Lodge Majunga.

In partnership with THE CUPID (expert in marriage "wedding planner"), theHôtel★★★ Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga organizes special events such as weddings, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette party for young boys/girls, …

Coco Lodge Majunga, event planner

For more than six years, Coco Lodge Majunga organizes for its customers and prospects, small businesses such as large international groups, their event project that it is private (birthdays, Weddings...) or professional (conferences, Workshops...).

Organise a business seminar, it is facing a multitude of possibilities that need to be mastered, prior reflection to the smallest detail of organization.

We can receive conferences or workshops in parallel, lunch or dinner conference, engagement, wedding, anniversary, very varied coffee break and cocktail, buffet, …

And our catering service will bring you a gourmet touch for all tastes (French cuisine, Malagasy, Lebanese) thanks to our Chef and his Team.

Coco Lodge Majunga

Organize your wedding at Coco Lodge Majunga : Wedding package for 70 people

Up to the 31 January 2021, l’Hôtel★★★ Restaurant gourmand COCO LODGE Majunga, in partnership with THE CUPID, Event organizer in Mahajanga, offers you an exceptional offer : a wedding package for 70 people around the pool.

Including :

  • The meal with a starter, a dish and a dessert.
  • THB and hygienic drinks
  • The table decoration for the bride and groom and guests, around the pool according to your theme.
  • Decoration with a mix of natural and artificial flowers
  • Decoration and rental of the procession head
  • Sound system with a professional DJ
  • Lighting
  • An animator
  • Urn for the bride and groom
  • Photographer

The price of the pack is fixed at 8 200 000 Your Ariary 41 000 000 Fmg.

On demand, the welcome cocktail and the wedding cakes.

For any additional information, please contact :

  • The Hotel ★★★ Gourmet restaurant COCO LODGE Majunga at 034 07 011 34
  • Or The CUPID at 034 40 897 25

Why hire a professional for a wedding? ?

The profession of "wedding planner" arrived from the United States in the years 2000. A “wedding planner” is a professional wedding planner, whose role can thus be summed up as ensure a dream wedding without the bride and groom having to worry about the details.

To achieve this, he will :

  • listen to and assimilate the requests of the bride and groom,
  • plan a schedule between the first meeting and the day of the wedding,
  • prepare a provisional budget,
  • find the ideal place for the wedding according to budget and distance requirements,
  • make or advise the bride and groom on their wedding invitation,
  • find the best providers at the best prices : caterer, musicians, photographer,
  • imagine a theme with the appropriate animation and decoration,
  • accompany the bride and groom in the search for their outfits,
  • planning the wedding day and coordination between providers,
  • find solutions to last minute contingencies.

1- Event conductor

That he is fully involved in the organization of your event, whether his role is to advise the bride and groom or to coordinate the big day, the “wedding planner” has a role of conductor. It relieves you of the details and retro schedules that are sometimes too rigorous. The event professional and you, you make a strong team.

2- Tailor-made event creation

The union organizer can intervene before your event. That is to say from the beginning of this lovely adventure. Its mission is to imagine, to create and realize your union. Your tailor-made event is complemented by personalized advice and creation.

3- Personalized advice for a union

Some newlyweds prefer to organize their union themselves, and call on a "wedding planner" only to advise them and find the missing providers.

Since a few months, you organize your union, the photographer and the florist are missing. The "wedding planner" is involved in the search for all service providers on an ad hoc basis.

You may need advice, for the smooth running of your secular ceremony, the wedding planner is also present.

4- Presence of the "wedding planner" on D-Day

Once the organization of your wedding is complete, you have the option of calling on a "wedding planner" to coordinate the big day. So you can live in 100% the festivities and enjoy your guests. To do this, an appointment a few weeks before the big day is necessary, to inform the "wedding planner" of important details and share with him the list of providers present on the day of your union.

Imagining and creating a tailor-made union is good, doing it in an eco-responsible way is better. (

Then, we strongly advise you not to hesitate to contact us to organize your events.

By #CocoLodgeMajunga

We are both :

  • one hôtel★★★ with 18 comfortable rooms,
  • one gourmet restaurant with a beautiful wine cellar, with a capacity of 60 Covered, offering Malagasy cuisine, French, Lebanese and seafood specialties,
  • one pool bar with cocktails, "tsakitsaky", pancakes and waffles available at all hours,
  • one organizer of events and conferences with 2 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 90 people,
  • A travel and tourism services company, with License C,
  • one tour operator, with License B,
  • and a 4×4 and quads (all geo-located with valid liability insurance) and with graduate guide drivers. We can insure all your transfers, for example from Antananarivo airport to Majunga, but also from Nosy Be to Majunga.

Strategic, dynamic, persuasive individual with 15 years experience in driving the performance of an ICT Company in the very tough environment of French Speaking African Countries. My main duties were to achieve all the targets in terms of sales, quotas and financial results (BS, P&L, FR, CFM) and be responsible for hiring and managing Human Resources teams. I am a confident, enthusiastic and inspiring individual who would enjoy partaking in areas of management, marketing, logistic, finance analysis, strategy, ISO, HR, etc.