'Our planet '., the series of documentaries produced by Netflix offers new images of the most beautiful wild places on Earth. The dry forests of Madagascar appear in the 8th episode. The goal of the production house is cause a wakeup call for awareness to the nature protection.

The first season was launched the 5 last April. This pharaonic project, touring for four years, has been brought out of arms by more of 600 people. It took a large number of highly qualified specialists to turn in more than 50 countries on all continents.

Netflix has filmed already missing Madagascan forest !

"Our planet" project is the result of a collaboration between WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films. Chain and production lighthouse in the world, Netflix reveals the different biological wonders from the four corners of the world. The documentary features a prestigious cast of personalities appreciated by a wide audience: Sir David Attenborough, the famous British naturalist researcher or stars of the big screen like Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek… En 2016, the project team has filmed various recoinss of the Kirindy forest, in the area protected Menabe Antimena, to the West of Madagascar. Unfortunately, appearing on the pictures stored in forests 2016 exist already today. Indeed, deforestation in Madagascar is growing at a very fast pace, and the Menabe Antimena is one of the hardest Malagasy protected areas. Total, It is estimated that Madagascar has lost close to 40% of its forest cover between the years 1950 and the years 2000. There remains today only 3% dry forests in Madagascar. The scientific community think that by 25 years, Madagascar will not have any more ground cover. Alarming situation as the big island is part of the countries most threatened by global warming.

The pressure on forests, every day more intense

Forests are a vital resource for animal species endemic to Madagascar, but also for the people living around them. They provide food, drinking water and our vital oxygen. Agricultural practices and the cutting of firewood have caused the loss of the majority of the forests in Madagascar. Until now the large majority of the Malagasy uses the charcoal as fuel. With no other source of energy, they are forced to survive pressures on most valuable forests. Remember that there are 2.000 mouths to feed more, every day, in the big island and that therefore the phenomenon of deforestation to increases from week to week.

Organizations such as WWF sensitize the local population to become involved in the protection of nature. «At the heart of our work, We are strengthening local capacities to protect and restore forests while improving livelihoods through the promotion of community all about ecotourism and other value chains companies, and also to improve access to the basic services such as electricity and water », says Nanie Ratsifandrihamanana, Director of WWF Madagascar.

'Our planet' documentaries will offer a vision of the beauty of our planet but will also warn about its fragility. Can these beautiful pictures the raise public awareness about the protection of our environment !  

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