Majunga, cosmopolitan city, is a land that lives the culture of all its people. Very safe city, very quiet and full of life at the same time, Majunga offers an exceptional playground for lovers of adventure and discovery..
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New Year's Best Wishes

New Year's Best Wishes! #Vive2020 #MyMadagascar#MahajangaMaVille

New Year's Best Wishes!

New Year's Best Wishes for 2020 from the entire Coco Lodge Majunga team

Our Best New Year's Wishes!

The Hotel ★★★ Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga wishes you a happy new year 2020 ! Health, Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity at all ! Happy New Year ! Long live 2020 !

New Year's Eve is a festive time . We spend it with friends or family during the night of the last day of the year, i.e. the 31 December. And we also call this holiday New Year's Eve..

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve was a Roman, son of the priest Rufin. His mother, Justa, entrusted his education to the priest Cyrinus. Brave, Sylvestre hosted a Christian from Antioch, Timothy, who after making many conversions was beheaded at the behest of the prefect of the city, Tarquinius.

Sylvester took away the martyr's body and, with Pope Miltiade, buried him not far from the tomb of St. Paul. Prefect Tarquinius then had Sylvestre arrested ; he told him to deliver Timothy's goods and deny his faith. Sylvester refused and was imprisoned. He was released after Tarquinius strangled himself with a fish bone. Pope Miltiade ordained him a priest.

Elected to succeed Miltiade, Sylvestre, 33Pope, occupied the holy seat for nearly 22 years (314-335) under the reign of Constantine the Great (306-337). The Council of Nicaea (325) stood under his pontificate (even if he did not participate in it himself). And he saw the condemnation of the heresy of the priest Arius, Arianism.

It was during his reign that Christianity was recognized as the religion of the Roman Empire with the conversion of Emperor Constantine the Great. He built the Basilica of St. John of Latran, the Basilica of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem, St. Paul's Basilica outside the Walls and the Basilica of St. Lawrence.

New Year's Eve died on 31 December 335. He was buried in the cemetery of Sainte-Priscille on Via Salaria.

Nicolas is the boss of the children, Virgins, sailors and traders and, in the Middle Ages, Thieves. Legend tells of the gifts he gave to the three daughters of a poor man, which, unable to endow them, was going to abandon them to a life of sin. This legend is at the origin of the custom of secret gifts on the eve of Saint Nicholas. His feast is celebrated on 6 December.

A Roman festival

The New Year celebration itself has its origins in Rome. The night before January first, the Romans had a long meal which allowed them to wait for the arrival of the new year. According to tradition, the greater the number of dishes served during this meal, the more prosperous and abundant the year would be. This tradition spread to the rhythm of Roman colonization.

Therefore, meet tonight at the Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge Majunga with our New Year's Eve special. We will serve you a lot of delicious meals so that the new year 2020 would be prosperous and plentiful !

Coco Lodge Majunga, it is also a Hotel★★★, a gourmet Restaurant, one Four-wheel-drive renter with guide driver and Event organizer (conferences, seminars, workshops, lunches/dinners with themes, wedding, anniversary, boy-girl stag, …).

For your holidays or business trips, the whole team of the Hotel ★★★ Coco Lodge is delighted to meet your expectations and satisfy your needs. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable stay in the city of Majunga. Coco Lodge TO organises tours of Majunga and its surroundings and many more. Discover the Anjohibe Caves, Ankarafantsika National Park, Sacred Lake, Red Circus, the beaches, the Antrema reserve, the lighthouse of Katsepy, Papamena, The Poseidon, Mahavavy Kinkony Complex, Namoroka tsingys, ….

Long live 2020 !

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