MAJUNGA city of flowers City between tradition and modernity

Majunga, also known as Mahajanga, is known as the city of flowers. City port and the capital of the Northwest region of Madagascar, It offers a natural and cultural landscape grandiose. Located at the mouth of the Betsiboka River, many residents of all backgrounds live together in peace and harmony, offering visitors an unforgettable stay. Many land and sea activities are possible. You won't bore you... Coco Lodge You can expect. Coco Lodge is both a Hotel * Holiday, workshops and conferences, a gourmet Restaurant, a travel and tourism services company (vehicles 4×4 air-conditioned with experienced guides drivers) to accompany you in this beautiful region Boeny/Majunga. In partnership with Adventure and discovery Majunga.

City between tradition and modernity
Majunga is a port city in northwestern Madagascar, nestled against the Mozambique Channel, It lies at the mouth of the Betsiboka River. The city is very large, We found it thanks to the many Baobab trees which serve as landmarks in the layout of the streets and neighbourhoods. Still unknown, This city offers many natural and historic attractions. Rich cultural heritage and exuberant vegetation, your stay at Majunga promises to be unforgettable. The region is crossed by impressive mountains, of Great Plains and plateaus, but also of the Savannah where you can see some nice Palm trees. Cosmopolitan city of the fact of its inhabitants from all walks of life (Africa, Arabian peninsula, Inde, Europe, Asia), you will not fail to admire the beauty of its beaches topped always sunny skies and the whirlwind of landscapes always more colorful than the other.

What activities to Majunga ?
Many activities are offered ! With a rich and varied flora and fauna, many bird-watching circuits are possible, especially in the new protected area complex Mahavavy-Kinkony Ampitsopitsoka. You can also go to observe the lemurs that soar from branch to branch in the mangroves, or a few crocodiles that blend into the rock. For the more sports, many hikes on foot, ATV or quad are waiting for you. You can visit Majunga and its region as you like.

Did you know ?
For lovers of the sea and the souls of sailors, You can enjoy in pirogues and dhows cruise where you will have the chance to see the light of the sun setting over the ochre sides of Mahajanga.

Protected the Mahavavy-Kinkony complex area
One of the largest complex of wetlands in Madagascar, This area includes Lake Kinkony (2th largest of Madagascar) and 22 permanent or temporary additional Lakes (According to the seasons). Mangroves, coastal beaches, Marsh, Savannah with Palm trees and the Bay of Boeny, make this a magical place. It is also one of the global bird-watching since spots all birds (endemic and migratory) the Malagasy Western's nest in the dry season. Lovers of Ornithology will be able to come and watch olivier rales or Teal of Bernier, very rare birds on the island. Open from May to November, many providers offer of comfortable bivouacs where you can observe freely this exceptional bird life.

Antrema Park
TO 6 km south of Katsepy, is the area of Antrema, inhabited by an ecosystem composed of a dry forest on dunes, of rainforests, of mangroves, of tides and Lakes, as well as a Marine Park. It houses in its places a rich and varied flora and fauna. Mecca of culture Sakalava, This site is home of many lemurs, including the "sifaka". (crowned Sifakas or), lemurs considered by the inhabitants of Antrema as of the sacred ancestors. You will find hundreds of endemic plants, Amphibian, reptiles, birds and freshwater fish. This forest peninsula is therefore ranked first Malagasy cultural bio site because it offers a program of conservation and development for local communities.

The lighthouse of Katsepy
At the mouth of the channel of Mozambique and the Betsiboka, you get nose to nose on the village of Katsepy and its lighthouse. You have to cross a small piece of sea to reach the village and Melaky region South. Built by immigrants from the Middle East, the city still retains vestiges of these passages. On the outskirts of the city is also a lighthouse which overcomes the circus of natural erosion, called the blue circus, where on the walls, different sedimentary layers in a gradient from white to red ochre to purple and green. An incredible show that takes back us a million years back. All about the lighthouse, you will surely come across some curious lemurs, wild boars or even a crocodile farm !

And icing on the cake : the Namoroka Tsingys
The Tsingy of Namoroka national park is a Malagasy national park located in the northwestern part of the island, in the province of Mahajanga and specifically in Soalala district. The Tsingy of Namoroka (223 km ²) have been protected since 1966, and have acquired the status of national park 2002. It is located in the northwestern part of Madagascar, at approximately 200 km south of Mahajanga and 50 km south of Soalala, and belongs to the same complex protected as of the Bay of Baly national park. Namoroka offers a wide range of landscapes and ecosystems. It is formed mainly by grassland and shrub savannas with incredible baobabs, and the dry forest deciduous among the Tsingys. This beautiful landscape becomes more attractive with subtropical forest inside the canyons, swamps and rice fields, natural pools and caves complexes. The main attractions of the Park are of course Tsingys and the richness of its wildlife training.

MAJUNGA the city of flowers City between tradition and modernity by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga

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