MADATREK on France Ô all summer
Madagascar is honoured throughout the month of August and September, on the French channel France O. Thanks to the diffusion of several brand new episodes of the adventures of the famous Family chick. Family who made the tour of the island aboard a wagon to zebus since 2014.

MADATREK sur France Ô tout l'été
MADATREK on France Ô all summer by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

Meet, live, understand, testify !
Couple of travel writers, Sonia and Alexander make the rounds in Madagascar with their two children, Philae, 11 years, and Ulysses, 8 years. To contact with village communities and the inhabitants of the island, the chick share the daily life of the Malagasy farmers and learn about their craft and their development initiatives. Since their arrival in 2014, the chick family has already traveled more than 3 700 km with as the only means of transport, a ZeBu cart. Currently, they cross the SAVA, Vohemar to through Andapa Antalaha, to join Diego.

The discovery of the Antandroy country
In the first episode of the season 2 from MADATREK, the chick family discovers the Antandroy country with its arid vegetation and its impressive walls of cactus, and the Antandroy, literally ” the people of thorns”. A little more pushing to the extreme South, They rally Lavanono, a well known in the Indian ocean surf spot. Then they landed at Cape St. Mary, the most southern point of the island, always on board their ZeBu cart. During this episode, There is the opportunity to enjoy the jumps of whales on the coast and those of the famous Sifakas of Verreaux, endemic lemurs of Madagascar, faced by the chick family in the Berenty reserve.

Fort-Dauphin and its famous bays
After Berenty, paradise of lemurs, the chick found the lushness of the East Coast to Fort Dauphin, embedded in one of the most beautiful bays in the world. To the program, visit to the port of Eloala and the city. They then discover Sainte-Luce, This charming fishing village built along a beautiful beach straight, Nestled in a wonderful Bay off the coast of which the famous french Galleons of the XVIIth century anchored. Then, the reserve of Sainte-Luce, located on a peninsula in the shape of island, where is little observed in a few hours several species of diurnal and nocturnal lemurs, almost missing birds, owls, the Uroplatus, giant arboreal lizards, in a setting worthy of Robinson Crusoe.

The program on France Ô
Several episodes including retracing their journey in Morondava are broadcast every Saturday from August at 17:40 on France Ô.
Starting from the 2 September 2017, viewers will be entitled to two new unreleased episodes, broadcast every Saturday at 17:35.
Note that this French channel is available on channel bouquet + in Madagascar.


by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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