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Madagascar remains the only African producer of Caviar

Madagascar remains the only African producer of Caviar

Madagascar remains the only African producer of Caviar ?

Madagascar is an island full of resources for food lovers, well-known for its spices. The big island remains the only African producer of Caviar.

The only one in Africa and the Indian Ocean

Madagascar caviar remains the only caviar produced in Africa and the Indian Ocean. The Big Island is still a modest player in the market, away from the top trio China, Italy, France. A ton of caviar left the Malagasy factory in 2018. A crumb in a global market for 340 tons of 2017.

But its promoters, Ambitious, hope to increase their production fivefold this year. The idea of developing, in one of the world's poorest countries, a product so synonymous with luxury seems offbeat to say the least…

"Learn on the job"

“Madagascar has completely exceptional terroirs, with rare products such as cocoa, vanillas, organic shrimp or lyitchis, stresses the CEO, we said to ourselves that we could add caviar and sturgeon.”

But the path was tortuous to make Lake Mantasoa, a site perched in 1 400 m altitude east of the capital Antananarivo, the cradle of caviar “made in Madagascar”.

The first step was to train staff. “Caviar professionals came from abroad”, tells Ianja Rajaobelina, deputy manager of the production plant, which employs 300 Employees. “I had to learn everything on the job.”

Then we had to organize the sector. Sturgeons are imported from Russia in the form of fertilized eggs but hatch in a fish maternity hospital in Mantasoa.

In white rubber suits and boots, Say Sahema smolders their growth with the respects of a tender mother. “You have to take care of the fry and avoid giving them too much or too little food, in order to have the lowest possible mortality rate”, professes.

Brief, the Acipenser farm today produces tons of the precious delicacy. The farm aims to produce the best caviar in the world and plans significant growth in production.

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