Every last Friday in October, World Lemur Day is celebrated around the world. The celebration will be held in the capital Antananarivo in Madagascar the 10 and 11 November with the program of awareness on the protection of the lemurs, conferences debates, ….

MADAGASCAR World Lemur Day. Madagascar is one of thousands of unique species in the world, about 100 lemurs in their natural habitat.

To mark the occasion, mobilization is general in Madagascar and the regions are not left behind under the theme chosen this year : « Lemurs : national heritage, friends to protect ». In Madagascar, the day is celebrated each year with a festival of the lemurs at the initiative of the Group of study and research on Primates. The festival will also be celebrated around the world in late October and early November, across America, Europe and Asia, Japan to Canada, through the United States, Germany and Hungary. You can check out here planned celebrations.

The city of Andapa, in the North East of the Big Island organizes a large event that will particularly honour one of the country's emblematic species : The silky Propitheque. The event is supported by several organizations committed to the protection of lemurs, like the Wildlife Conservation Society, Duke Lemur Center, Madagascar National Parks and Lemur Conservation Foundation. The lemur festival in the city of Toliara with the theme "Let the lemurs in freedom" is organized on the initiative of WWF and the Regional Environment Directorate, Ecology and forestry in order to respect the right of the lemurs to live in freedom in their natural habitat. In keeping with the theme «» Lemurs : national heritage, friends to protect », WWF incites the population to protect the forest, lemurs Habitat, through actions like the use of homes improved (fatana mitsitsy) that save the wood, sustainable management of forests by the villagers themselves. Join the celebration by sharing your photos and videos on social networks that support the protection of these unique animals.
As soon as the 25 and 26 October, lemur information sessions were held at schools in the city of Toliara. Total, 500 students took part in the. The 27 October, a great carnival of lemurs crossed the city, animated by the drums of the Bloco Malagasy NGO Bel future percussion group.
The festival at Toliara aims to make known to the public the importance of protecting these iconic primates of Madagascar, as well as to protect their habitat, including the Maki (Lemur catta) and the sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi) who live in the forest dry region of Toliara. This lemur is easily recognizable by its dense coat, long and silky, creamy white is one of the three rarest lemurs in Madagascar, with the Propithèque de Perrier and the great hapalemur. To observe it, you have to explore three reserves in northeastern Madagascar, namely Marojejy National Park, Anjanaharibe South Special Reserve and Makira Natural Park. Because of its rarity, this species is the subject of significant conservation programs, related to the preservation or restoration of its natural habitat as well as the environmental education of the basic communities. Majunga will also honor this MADAGASCAR World lemur day

Endangered animals
Two emblematic lemurs of Madagascar are particularly endangered : ringed tailed lemur (Lemur catta) or Maki, in the South of Madagascar, or even the silky wounded, Propithecus candidus in the forests of the Highlands of Northern Madagascar.

Ringed tailed lemur :
It is easily recognizable thanks to its long ringed tail lemur. It lives mainly in the forest of thorn in the South and in the dry forest of Western Madagascar as well as in the mountains of Andringitra. Scientists estimate that the lemurs to tail ringed Madagascar population declined from 50% en 36 years. The reasons for this decrease are the continued degradation of their habitat and intensive poaching. Thus, It is rated "endangered" on the IUCN Red list.

Silky wounded : It is one of the lemurs most highly endangered in Madagascar. He lives in the forests of high altitude in the North of Madagascar. There are about 250 adult individuals to date and that population tends to decline because of the massive destruction of its natural habitat and hunting. It is therefore classified as "critically endangered".

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