Madagascar ITM 2017 – Conferences : a day dedicated to investment in tourism in Madagascar.

As part of the 6th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar (ITM), to be held from 08 to the 11 June 2017 in the Village of la Francophonie, several conferences focused on investment in tourism in Madagascar will be scheduled during the day of the 09 June.

Madagascar ITM 2017 - Conférences
Madagascar ITM 2017 – Conferences by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

Madagascar ITM 2017 – Conferences. Organized jointly with the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM), the”Investors Day” the participation, as stakeholders, specialists in international finance, the local banking system and tour operators.

Madagascar ITM 2017 – Conferences. During a day, These professionals will follow and will address a variety of topics, whose :

The structuring of hotel investment projects and stakeholders

The types of financing of tourism investments

Invest in the hotel business in Madagascar

The air transport sector

The decentralized cooperation in sustainable tourism

Cruise tourism

The Minister of tourism and the National Office of tourism of Madagascar (ONTM), also focus their joint intervention on the marketing strategy and the new branding of the Madagascar destination.

At the end of this day, participants will be better informed of strategies and current tourism policies of the Government and its partners, as well as the EDBM missions. Reminder, This organization's mission is to make the business attractive and favourable investment climate. Tourism is one of the six sectors identified as priority, referred to in its approach.

The day of investment in tourism should interest as operators in tourism, both government private sector, Academia, independent specialists, and the media.

The 6th edition of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar (ITM) a theme "Madagascar.", "Treasure Island.".

Madagascar ITM 2017 – Conferences. This theme covers the richness of the diversity of the country's tourism offerings, is the new branding of the destination, and we want to make the ITM 2017 a showcase of our treasure island.

It is in this context that this 6th edition is particularly ambitious with a considerable extension of the surface of the exhibition site, now 15.000 m², made possible by the transfer of the ITM salon at the Village VOARA (ex-Francophonie). The number of stands available for exhibitors has therefore been multiplied by 2, from a hundred stands to more of 200 stands.

If the heart of the ITM show undeniably remains the development of tourism in Madagascar and the islands of vanilla, the edition 2017 wants to be more open to tourism related sectors in our islands, including gastronomy, recreation, crafts...

The show innovates also by the extension of the days open to visitors, from 3 to 4 days.

Madagascar ITM 2017 – Conferences. THE ITM 2017 also wants to be a national project, marking the return of Madagascar in the concert of tourist destinations. A programme gives unprecedented will be organised by the National Office of tourism of Madagascar, in partnership with the airlines serving the country, the regional tourism authorities (ORT), the sector groupings and their Member operators ; to host a hundred travel agencies and tour operators from around the world, and particularly targets markets. Also a discovery of the tours in different regions of Madagascar, These agencies will meet of the exhibitors at the show ITM to develop cooperation with the actors of the sector.


by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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