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Madagascar in the prevention of coronavirus #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Madagascar in coronavirus prevention

Covid-19 : The sky closes on Europe

The President of the Republic gave a unifying and patriotic speech. Madagascar in coronavirus prevention.

To prevent the coronavirus pandemic, The President of the Republic decrees the closure of borders for European countries. A measure that applies to any traveller from Europe.

It's better to warn, that heal.

An adage that applies in the measures taken by the state to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

In the name of prevention, therefore,, Andry Rajoelina, President of the Republic, announces the suspension of all flights from Madagascar to Europe.

The measures announced by the Head of State during a speech to the nation, Saturday, come in five points. He explained that they would first be effective, for thirty days. "The necessary decisions will be made as the situation evolves", adds President Rajoelina. In addition to barricaded themselves with European states,, flights connecting the Big Island to Reunion and Mayotte, are also, suspended until further notice.

Cases of Covid-19 contamination are reported in the two neighbouring islands of Madagascar. Since Saturday and for the next thirty days, Malagasy ports are, also, closed to all cruise ships.

Malagasy nationals or expatriates travelling to the countries affected by the measures announced by Andry Rajoelina, have until Thursday to return to the Big Island, if they wish.

The arrival and departure of all international flights is, Furthermore, centralized at Ivato International Airport, since yesterday. The aim is to centralise the health control system at the country's borders, indicates the President of the Republic. He points out that, Nevertheless, that the measures announced on Saturday, "do not apply to goods".

Prohibition of boarding

Yesterday, Joel Randriamandranto, Minister of Transport and Tourism, explained that previous measures to prevent the entry of coronavirus remain effective. Bridges are therefore, still cut off with countries like China and Iran.

According to the Minister of Transport, Madagascar Civil Aviation (Acm), took on the task of informing all the companies that serve Madagascar of the measures decided by the State. A missive from the ACM dated yesterday, Supports, "All airlines serving Madagascar are prohibited from carrying passengers from Europe, Reunion and Mayotte, or who stayed/transited there in the fourteen days prior to boarding".

Any transgression, according to this note, involves quarantine of travellers for fourteen days, "fully supported by the airline". Health checks at the airport will be carried out, the rest, Reinforced. It is likely that special health measures will be applied to those who are repatriated until the end of 19 March.

According to its communications service, Air Madagascar develops 'emergency plan', to allow those who wish to return home before the borders close. The plan is expected to be announced, This day.

Faced with this state measure, tourism and hotels are blaming the blow while accepting the state decision. These two economic activities are among those that have the most to lose.

A point conceded by the President of the Republic. The measure "is necessary to protect the population", Does he, however, defend. A meeting between the tourism operators and the minister concerned was held, yesterday. Seeking solutions to mitigate the shock of the barricade in the face of the pandemic and to be able to bounce back when the time comes, is the object.

Madagascar in coronavirus prevention

The Department of Public Health Malagasy have not recorded any cases of Covid-19 to date. But the situation in our country is going to be complicated. Anyway, we will succeed in passing this step without panic and with determination.

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