Madagascar : Malagasy youth trained for careers in tourism

TheFederation of hoteliers and restaurateurs in Madagascar(FHORM)and l’Professional Association of tourism of Mauritius (ATP) have signed a memorandum of understanding in August 2017, whose goal is to train Malagasy youth for careers in tourism.

Madagascar : Malagasy youth trained for careers in tourism
Madagascar : Malagasy youth trained for careers in tourism by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

Created from the former 'Union of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs of Madagascar', the FHORM or "Federation of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs de Madagascar" includes currently more of 200 members across the island, making the largest tourism association in Madagascar.
Their objectives are to promote the profession of hotelier and restaurateur. This is to ensure the professionalization of the sector, to represent hotels and their interests.
In the process of revitalization and strengthening of our sector, We expect to achieve, as soon as, the objective of quality required by our profession.

Promote our destination by excellence : Maurice tourism professionals Association (ATP)
Created in September 2012, the ATP is an association of tourism professionals whose business activities are in direct contact with tourists visiting our island.

All trades are represented :
Hotels, tour operators, DMC, travel agencies, music and folklore, excursions and discoveries of land and water, training for careers in hospitality, guides, responsible for taxis, responsible for transfers, hostesses, bed and breakfast, restaurants, Villas, car rental, etc. …
The association aims to bring together all these areas of activity, to represent professionals in all segments of the Mauritian tourism to the Government and thus to promote Mauritius as a destination of 'brand '., with integrity, and to provide services to the standards set by the authorities.
ATP promotes ecotourism, calls for the completion of a responsible and sustainable tourism development, participates in debates by offering ideas, analysis report problems, making recommendations regarding the challenges of lead to a good port tourism industry.
The ATP association brings a new and important reflection on how and what to do for the development of our tourism for today and for years to come.
The hotel and restaurant are two sectors Outfitters d ’ jobs in Madagascar. About 80% jobs generated by the tourism sector in Madagascar come from these two areas. Capacity-building is therefore implementation.
Training in tourism will be provided by the Mauritians to some two hundred young Malagasy people who will have the opportunity to work on cruise ships. They will get training courses on tourism. Allowing them subsequently to work in many other areas.
At the end of twelve months of training, they will get a three-year work contract. They must then return to work in Madagascar, and share their experiences with their peers.
The acquisition of experiences through this training will allow young Malagasy hospitality opportunities at the national or international level, indicates the FHORM.


By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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