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Vols suspension : Madagascar Airlines explains

Madagascar Airlines will soon fly to India

Madagascar Airlines will soon fly to India

Madagascar Airlines does not hide its ambitions. The company plans to launch the Antananarivo-Bombay line as soon as it acquires its new fleets.

Madagascar Airlines will soon fly to India

After obtaining his air transport certificate, the Compagnie Nationale Malagasy Madagascar Airlines has announced its desire to serve the Antananarivo-Bombay line. “The market studies we have done show that’there is a strong demand on the Antananarivo-Bombay line”, confide Rinah Rakotomanga, President of the Airline Board of Directors.”Many Malagasy people go to India for treatment or for shopping.”, She continues. It is exactly in relation to the increase in demand on this line that the company took the initiative to launch it..

New fleets for new destinations

Madagascar Airlines strengthens its fleet, the company aims to have 9 had from here 2025 indicated the president of the board of directors of the company. An Embrayer E190-E2 will arrive in the country before the end of June for the company. The company is also continuing negotiations for the acquisition of a Dreamliner.

Brief, the company plans to have four to five long-haul flights per week as soon as its new aircraft arrive. Beyond Bombay, she intends to resume the line to China and go as far as Italy to see other new destinations in the coming years.

The company is hard at work to achieve its goal of becoming a profitable company capable of financing its future on its own within three years.

Madagascar Airlines : Contact

The company can be reached at +261 (0)20 23 444 44 for flights on the domestic network and +261 (0)20 22 510 00 for flights on international networks.

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