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Madagascar Airlines : Book online at advantageous rates

Madagascar Airlines takes off

Madagascar Airlines takes off

After obtaining his Air Transport Certificate (CTA) as well as its operating license, Madagascar Airlines takes off for a new deal. Actually, the company is aiming for addiction financial within three years.

Madagascar Airlines takes off

Become a profitable company capable of financing its future on its own is one of the major challenges for Madagascar Airlines. The company will have to achieve this within three years at most., supported its Managing Director, Thierry De Bailleul.

“We cannot self-finance with our starting situation”, does he raise. He explains that Madagascar Airlines needs "a little help" to take off. And it's "normal" for any business that starts, adds this general manager who has several years of experience in the aviation sector. It is exactly for this purpose that the company decided to rejoin the BSP..

Return to BSP

Madagascar Airlines will return to the BSP or Billing and Settlement Plan. This decision comes after Madagascar Airlines obtained its air transport certificate (CTA) as well as its operating license. Obtaining these certificates is a prerequisite for a company to join this compensation fund created by the International Air Transport Association (Iata), explains the CEO of the company.

The BSP is the intermediary where you go to buy and sell tickets to airlines. Air Madagascar had been suspended from the BSP after the announcement of its receivership in October. This membership of the BSP is in any case part of the business plan and justifies the need for financing from the start of Madagascar Airlines., advances its general manager Thierry De Bailleul.

The situation will change once the company becomes a member of this Iata fund., he throws.

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