Confident UNWTO for tourism in Madagascar

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Taleb Rifai, went to Madagascar to testify to the full support of the Organization in the tourism sector. Due to the plague epidemic resulting in the decision of some countries to apply restrictions on travel to Madagascar destination, tourism in this country is faced with a difficult situation. M. Rifai recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) not advocating no restrictions on travel to Madagascar or trade with this country.

Confident UNWTO for tourism in Madagascar by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

"UNWTO is relay the message of who intends to Governments not to issue in a hurry of the official inaccurate travel tips. Updates of the 26 October of the key Messages of the who remind us that the risk of international spread is unlikely. On the basis of the information currently available, WHO does not recommend any restrictions on travel or trade with Madagascar"said M. Rifai.

"We cannot penalise doubling a country." : Once because he was struck by a devastating crisis and it must confront and pay the heavy price, and a second time because we, as a human community, give in to unfounded prejudices and thereby, avoid and isolate the victim country, exacerbating the problem rather than helping solve it", He added. The Secretary general of the UNWTO travels to Madagascar to support the tourism sector

WHO recalls that it is important to formulate a balanced response, in encouraging the countries in the region to be prepared to act if the disease were to appear, while avoiding a wave of panic which could result in unnecessary measures, or even counterproductive, such as restrictions on trade or the ban on travel to affected countries.

"We are facing a crisis of perception. It is crucial to make clear communications and factual on the situation in Madagascar tear if we want to prevent that official advice to travellers delayed by the crisis to the worse", said Rifai.

During his meeting with the Minister of tourism, with members of the Government, with the President of the National Assembly, with representatives of the United Nations in Madagascar, including the Coordinator who resident, with the World Bank, with the local private sector and the media, M. Rifai recalled that "positive information is from the sector"., such as the new strategic partnership between Air Madagascar and Air Austral. To spread the good news, to strengthen our ability and confidence..

"Being an island with. 80 % endemic biodiversity, "Madagascar is naturally called to propose sustainable tourism.", was Minister of tourism Roland Ratsiraka. "M".. the Secretary-General, your visit is rich in meaning, She gives hope to all of the population and to those who still doubt the economic benefits of the tourism industry., He added.

"In a crisis situation.", collaboration between all countries is crucial ; We call on all countries of the region to cooperate in a way to strengthen prevention without putting in place of unnecessary travel bans", said Najib Balala, President of the Commission of the UNWTO for Africa and Minister of tourism of the Kenya.

The Secretary general of the UNWTO and the Minister of tourism of Madagascar will meet the press week next in London at World Travel Market to take stock of the situation in the country.

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