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Hotels and tourism among the 5 industries most affected

Hotels and tourism among the 5 industries most affected #Coronavirus #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Hotels and tourism among the 5 industries most affected

Hotels and tourism among the 5 industries most affected by coronavirus

1. Hotels

Madagascar, travel and tourism sector is one of the most affected sectors. The coronavirus pandemic has crippled the country's economy since March 2020.

Jobs are at risk along the value chain, 44 000 direct jobs affected and more than 300 000 indirect jobs.

The most vulnerable population groups, such as women, young people and rural populations, are most at risk. More than 1 900 Ariary billions in losses for tourism operators. The last three quarters 2020 Represent 83% volume of business in tourism (peak season from mid-July to mid-November). The year-over-year decline is estimated at 80% due to an extension of containment measures and border closures.

The Madagascar Tourism Confederation -Ctm- with l’National Office of tourism of Madagascar -ONTM- work hard to defend our interests. The CTM brings together private tourism players in a representative structure. It is a force for proposal both towards the public authorities (public-private dialogue), other private sector occupations (private-private dialogue). It is an economic association and its objectives are to strengthen the competitiveness of the destination Madagascar, and promote a business climate conducive to the development of tourism activities.

The CTM works hand in hand with the Ministry of Tourism, Transport and meteorology. And she made requests that saw the approval of the Head of State :

  • The postponement of the collection of all tax obligations without penalty and the cancellation of the forecast instalments on the IBS for the year 2020
  • The deferral of payroll and employer charges
  • State support in negotiating the postponement of bank maturities
  • A moratorium on the payment of JIRAMA invoices
  • The management of technical unemployment for companies with no other choice

Your CTM point of contact :

In the United States, The U.S. hotel industry alone employs more than 1,6 million Americans. But as people stayed at home, demand for hotels has fallen sharply. And tens of thousands of hotel workers found themselves unemployed …

2. Restaurants

Many restaurants are not at all ready to endure weeks without customers. And even those who can survive are forced to lay off staff for a while.
But a wave of permanent restaurant closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic may well occur in the near future. This is especially the case in small restaurants that are not built for home delivery.

3. Gyms

Gyms were already facing challenges from home-based exercise companies. And recommendations for social distancing and fear of the spread of coronavirus have added to the challenges faced by large gyms and group fitness classes.

Companies like Peloton have launched a new business model that would make the local gymnasium largely obsolete for many people. And the current crisis could help accelerate the transition to home sports equipment and online fitness classes.

4. Automakers

While the COVID-19 pandemic persists, demand for cars is decreasing. Workers are concerned about the safety of their jobs. And they're trying to save their money for emergency use. So they're less likely to buy a car. Automakers have also faced serious supply chain disruptions. Imports of parts from China have become much more difficult as the country grapples with the disease. Four out of five cars manufactured worldwide depend on parts made in China.

5. Airlines

The Capa – Center for Aviation said that most airlines in the world would probably go bankrupt by the end of May 2020. And already South African Airways just yesterday filed for bankruptcy ! It is the first African country to be without an airline.

Hotels and tourism among the 5 industries hardest hit by coronavirus.

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