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The Mikea of Madagascar

The Mikea of Madagascar #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

The Mikea of Madagascar

As soon as you can, meet the Mikeas, Madagascar's last indigenous peoples. This mysterious people is currently threatened by deforestation.

The Great Island of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, is one of the countries with a cultural identity that is very rich in diversity. With African influences, Asian and Indian, malagasy population counts 18 ethnic groups. Each of these ethnic groups are different, they all have their own cultural peculiarities. And they are each in a specific geographical area.

There are also sub-ethnicities the exact number of. The Mikea are one of them.

The Mikea are a minority group of Malagasy. They live in a dry forest of about an area 3 500 square kilometres. With exceptional biodiversity, Mikea Forest is located in the south-west of the country, between Toliara and Morombe. The Mikea people live there in extreme conditions.

Their story

From the 18th century on, part of the Malagasy people escaped military wars and invasions of settlers. They hid in the forest and founded their tribe there. They then became the "Mikea", a group of hunter-gatherers living in the Mikea Forest. It is a transition zone between the dry deciduous forests and the thorny thicket area of Madagascar in the southwest of the island..

According to a study conducted by Jeanne DINA and Jean-Michel Hoerner 1976, "Mikea" literally means "who doesn't want to be sued". That is why, The Mikea concept is a flight from modernity and its constraints. It's a rebellion against civilization. Certainly, they are indigenous people who live in hiding. Yet, they live free and happy. They live their lives as they see fit, without any constraints.

They speak a dialect of the Malagasy language that is similar to that spoken by vezo fishermen and the Sakalava clan of Masikoro herders. Regardless of all ethnicities in Madagascar, they have their own customs as well as their own culture.

There are preconceived notions that the Mikea are savages. They are generally identified as the mythical Vazimba, the original inhabitants of the island who are naked Pygmies with long hair. Anyway, there is no evidence of that.

How do they live ?

The Mikea are known to be hunter-gatherers who have become breeders and farmers. For food, every day, they're going through about 10 km on foot. They hunt hedgehogs and pig-epics. They collect honey, wild yams and fruits as well as plants with large edible tubers. By the way, they also grow cassava and maize. And they live from fishing too.

To make fire, they rub dry branches. They are also renowned for their mastery of traditional medicine. Decision-making is granted to the oldest male member of the family.

And you have to know that music plays an important role in their social and spiritual life. Apart from hissing and screaming, The Mikea use musical instruments such as the musical bow on gourd, the rattle and the seven-stick xylophone.

The Mikea of Madagascar, a people in danger

The Mikea are currently threatened by deforestation due to illegal logging, coal manufacturing and mining industry.

Their forests are increasingly destroyed. In addition, the creation of roads in forests and migration waves seriously disrupt them. This exposes them to various dangers that were non-existent during their isolation.

(Source : Dgs)

At the present time, this tribe only counts 400 members about. The Mikeas are a Malagasy cultural heritage. They must be protected.

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