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The true taste of lychee from Madagascar

The curious fruits of Madagascar #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille #MangerBio


Discover the curious fruits of Madagascar

Madagascar has a great diversity of plants and flowers with a’endemicity of about 80%. So it's no wonder that you can find a very wide variety of fruit. By the way, some of the edible fruits are known only by the inhabitants of the regions from which they come from.

Whatever it is, wherever you are in Madagascar, require fresh seasonal fruit, that's never what's missing.

Here, we are pleased to present you with some glimpses of the fruits that are usually found fresh on the big island.

You can find them at merchants, among the inhabitants or in the wild forests. Or maybe, you can also enjoy them in restaurants like Coco Lodge Majunga across Madagascar.

  1. Renala or monkey bread

the curious fruits of Madagascar

Renala or monkey bread – the curious fruits of Madagascar

This is what we call the Baobab in Malagasy : "Renala". It literally means "mother nature" in French.

Very popular with monkeys, baobab fruit is eaten. Its pulp can be eaten fresh, Dried, powdered or juiced. You can also toast the seeds or extract the oil, which is more used in cosmetics because of its rich antioxidants..

You should know that its nutritional value is 6 times more than orange, 2 to 3 times more than milk, 4 times more than kiwi and 5 to 6 times more than bananas.

With its tangy taste, this fruit is rich in vitamins, calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, iron, Zinc, potassium and fibre. By the way, it is widely used in traditional medicine.

  1. Mokotra or monkey oranges

The curious fruits of Madagascar

Mokotra or monkey oranges – the curious fruits of Madagascar

The Mokotra, called in Orange Monkey French or Natal Orange, it's a fruit with a very hard shell. Before eating it, you have to break it like a coconut. Inside, it contains in the middle of an edible pulp many dark brown flat seeds. Very acidic, these pulps are savored when the fruit is ripe.

  1. Ampalibe or jaque

the curious fruits of Madagascar

Ampalibe or jaque – the curious fruits of Madagascar

The Ampalibe, jaquier fruit has a sweet flavor and a strong and sweet smell when ripe. It evokes a mixture of pineapple and mango. Its flesh can be eaten raw or prepared in jam. You can also prepare the green fruit, chopped menu, salted dish.

Seeds are edible cooked when grilled or boiled. Their taste is reminiscent of chestnuts. They can be eaten as is or incorporated into traditional dishes (rougails). But they are toxic when they are believed.

  1. Zavokà or lawyer

the curious fruits of Madagascar

Zavokà or lawyer – the curious fruits of Madagascar

The lawyer is not just a profession.... It's also a fruit.

The Lawyer, Avocado's fruit or Persea americana, is a fruit native to Mexico, introduced to Madagascar in the 1990s 1800. It can be eaten as a fruit, and like a vegetable too. And it is the fruit with the most nutritional value. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, and full of vitamins.

  1. Lychee

the curious fruits of Madagascar

Lychee – the curious fruits of Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the largest producers of lychees in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a fruit native to China. With its tasty pearly pulp, lychee is arguably the most popular summer fruit. Edible fruit, you can eat it ripe, jam or juice.

  1. Voamadilo or tamarind

the curious fruits of Madagascar

Voamadilo or tamarind – the curious fruits of Madagascar

Depending on its maturity, the fruit may have sweet understays, acidic or very acreage. It is in the form of a pod containing a fibrous pulp and small black seeds. There are many ways to eat this fruit : Syrup, Decoction, Jam, Compote, Infusion, Soup….

Discover the curious fruits of Madagascar

There are so many other fruits that will surprise you on the big island. We have cited only a few.

Discover also the guava, tamarillo, Cape Goose or Pok-pok, pomegranate or passion fruit, grenadine, the plum of Cythera or Sakoa, …

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