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Companies serving Madagascar and their flight frequencies

Companies serving Madagascar and their flight frequencies

Companies serving Madagascar and their flight frequencies

The Ministry of Transport and Meteorology has indicated that all major airports in Madagascar can now accommodate international flights. In this article, you will have the list of companies serving Madagascar and their flight frequencies.

Companies authorized to serve Madagascar and their flight frequencies

To date, nine airlines serve Madagascar, namely Air Madagascar, Air France, Air Mauritius, Air Austral, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Neos Air and Ewa Air.

  • Madagascar Airlines will provide the Paris – Tana and Reunion – Tana link with two flights per week to each of the destinations and a flight on the Reunion – Sainte Marie line,
  • Air France on the Paris – Tana line with 4 commercial flights and 2 cargo flights per week,
  • For the company Air Mauritius, it will provide service to Mauritius – Tana with 4 flights per week,
  • Neos Air on the Milan line (Italy) and Nosy Be with 2 flights per week,
  • Ewa Air on the Dzaoudzi routes – Antsiranana with 4 flights per week, Dzaoudzi – Mahajanga with 4 weekly flights also and Dzaoudzi – Nosy-Be with one flight per week.
  • Ethiopian Airlines for 3 flights per week on the Addis Ababa – Nosy Be line, 5 flights per week on the Addis Ababa – Tana line and 2 cargo flights,
  • Kenya Airways for 5 weekly flights on the Nairobi – Tana line and 3 cargo flights,
  • Turkish Airlines on the Istanbul – Tana line with 1 vol commercial et 1 cargo flight per week,
  • And as for Air Austral, the company will provide 7 weekly flights to Reunion-Tana, 4 flights per week on the Reunion line – Nosy Be, 2 weekly flights to Reunion-Toamasina, Reunion-Antsiranana with 2 flights per week and one flight per week on the Reunion – Toliara or Tolagnaro line.

Airports open to international flights

This month of September, 60 vols dont 8 charges, have been authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology to serve Madagascar.

The Ministry of Transport has indicated that now all the main airports in Madagascar can accommodate international flights, namely :

  • Antananarivo,
  • Nosy Be,
  • Mahajanga,
  • Toamasina,
  • Toliara (Toliara),
  • Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin),
  • Sainte-Marie,
  • And Antsiranana.

Indeed, eight destinations (France, Maurice, Ethiopia, Turkey, Kenya, Italy, Mayotte, The meeting) are served via these eight international airports in Madagascar.

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