The whales to move to Madagascar and Mahajanga

For three years, You can attend this event in Mahajanga.

Dince always, We thought the festival of whales was an event reserved for the island of Sainte-Marie. But we were wrong, You can also attend each year the artistic manifestations of these marine mammals of large size in Mahajanga. Whales are present from August and remained until the end of October. It is now three years since the association Antsapeche and Cetamada, an association for the protection of marine mammals around Madagascar, did research on whales passing to the West of Madagascar in the fokontany of Antsanita, to 15 kilometres from Mahajanga.

Les Baleines de passage à Madagascar et à Mahajanga
The whales to move to Madagascar and Mahajanga by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

The whales to move to Madagascar and Mahajanga
According to the experts of these associations, These mammals are migratory animals ; others spend on the East Coast, in Sainte-Marie, others in the North West. Some of them are very far from the coast, What complicates the observation. They come especially to their reproduction. The purpose of these associations is to preserve the population of marine mammals and their habitat in Madagascar. They engage in a process of sustainable development.

The whales to move to Madagascar and Mahajanga
At the last exit, in the month of August, researchers have discovered a new rare : the whale link, Apart from humpback whales and sperm whales. The whales are full of surprises for tourists. During the three months during which they spend in the seas of Madagascar, whales Rendezvous the night, sing and beat the fins. These cetaceans are true riches of Madagascar. Seas of Madagascar are still home to many other riches. One more reason to make the city of flowers, a preferred destination for lovers of nature. Hotels in the fokontany of Antsanita as Antsanitia resort offers its customers moments of intense emotions.

The edition 2017 the Festival of whales will be held from 8 to the 16 July 2017 to Holy Mary. A unique opportunity to discover this little island paradise of the East of Madagascar, its authenticity and its incessant parade of whales.

The Festival of whales has always been very popular and high color. This edition is no exception to the rule and will include several cultural as well as sports entertainment. Like the Carnival parade, which remains the highlight of the festival. Several podiums will be installed on the course to allow festival-goers, Venus specially on the island, enjoy this show in a better comfort.

In addition to football and petanque tournaments, family hikes and trail competitions will be organized. And of course outings at sea to admire whales, stars of the festival. The behaviour of the whales from the minting of the caudal and pectoral fin or of the rostrum to the impressive jumps out of the water, will not fail to amaze once more festival-goers and tourists this year.

On the occasion of this festival, some local tour operators offer promotional for the tourists, residents or international. In June, the Festival of the whales will be present at Antananarivo on the occasion of the 6th edition of the ITM tourism show, to be held this year in the Village VOARA (ex-Francophonie).

The question of the preservation of whales and the natural and cultural resources of the island of Sainte Marie will be at the centre of discussions during the Festival of whales. The event is part of a logic of sustainable development, theme this year by the United Nations.

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga



  1. Nelson

    Majunga crossing in 1953 military stay of 2 months remember Baobab on the boulevard of the sea but no info on the whales when they are they manifested. Thank you and velum

    • CocoLodge

      Good morning, sir,
      Yet, I can confirm right whales pass all the Majunga region for a beautiful sight indeed.
      Mercia t to pleasure.
      Kind regards.
      Eric Petitjean (Manager)
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