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Climate change is affecting our protected areas

Climate change is affecting our protected areas #ClimateChange #WWF #Environnement #Nature #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Climate change is affecting our protected areas

It's a global reality. Unfortunately, climate change is affecting our protected areas.

Natural risks from climate change (Drought, Winds, decrease in the amount of rain) threaten the flora and fauna that live in protected areas.

WWF Madagascar has just released a report Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change of Madagascar's terrestrial protected areas ».

And he explains to us in 5 points to the impact of climate change on protected areas, and what we need to do.

Climate change is affecting our protected areas

1/ What is climate change and how it manifests itself ?

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) defines climate change as a "changes that are attributed directly or indirectly to human activity".

Carbon dioxide from human activity is added to the natural alteration of the atmosphere. Indeed, climate would continue to change even if the composition of the atmosphere continued.

2/ How climate change is affecting protected areas ?

Climate change directly affects species and ecosystems. He prevents the proper delivery of green services (Pollination, water supply, soil enrichment, erosion protection, shelters for wildlife etc...).

And indirectly, climate change affects protected areas exacerbating human pressures. Because of the drought, for example, cultivation and breeding are more difficult in some places ; which drives people to directly exploit forests. Yet, if protected areas lose their biodiversity, they are unable to play their roles.

Biodiversity is used for carbon storage to limit the effects of climate change. It is also the habitat of animal and plant species, and barrier against natural disasters …

3/ Vulnerability to climate change in Madagascar's protected areas

Vulnerability to climate change is defined by three factors. Which :

  • exposure to climate change (Drought, seasonal shift, insufficient rains, Cyclones);
  • sensitivity to climate change at this exposure (displacement of certain species, drying up water sources, …),
  • and the ability to adapt.

In a report 2019, WWF was able to observe that 53% Madagascar's terrestrial protected areas are highly vulnerable to climate change and 47% are vulnerable.

4/ Adaptation as a solution

To mitigate climate change, WWF recommends solutions that can strengthen the capacity of nature and surrounding communities to adapt to the effects of climate change.

For nature to adapt to climate change, she has to be healthy. This means better management of the protected area, enhanced conservation and more effective and strict control.

All of this requires adequate and appropriate resources, in terms of funding, people and means of management.

Strengthening the resilience of people living in protected areas means improving and diversifying their sources of income through sustainable economic pathways.

It is also necessary to ensure that these revenues are sustainable so that they are no longer dependent exclusively on resources in protected areas..

5/ So what can we do ?

Tiana Ramahaleo, WWF Conservation Director, warns us that "We must recognize that we are already experiencing the manifestations of climate change". Actually, according to the World Meteorological Organization, 2019 was the second warmest year on record after 2016.

Forest pressures exacerbate the effects of climate change. And these pressures mean that today 31% Madagascar lemur species critically endangered according to IUCN.

"Let's recognize that the best way for our unique biodiversity to continue in the face of climate change is to keep it intact" concludes Tiana Ramahaleo.

Then, join the global action to enable all citizens to sign an online petition Here”. Let us make our voices heard for the planet by calling on our leaders to commit to concrete actions to reverse the degradation of nature.

Stay up-to-date on the latest climate change news

And let's get involved with the young climate activists Indian Ocean Climate Network (RCOI) or Climates Madagascar.

(Source : WWF Madagascar_10/08/20)

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