The ANKOAY the Osprey of Madagascar.

Meet the Osprey of Madagascar, one of the rarest Raptors in the world.

The Malagasy heavens are frequent by around 294 bird species, whose 107 are endemic, which is not reflected in any other country in the world. 30 species are globally threatened, 6 have been introduced by humans. Nearly half of the birds listed in Madagascar are endemic, What is remarkable given the narrowness of the channel of Mozambique to these vertebrae provided with means of transport, effective. In a fairly general way, the garlicky gent is much less represented in Madagascar in tropical Africa.

Emblematic bird of the Anjajavy Peninsula, the Osprey Malagasy, also called Ankoay, is a bird of prey endemic to the coastal strip of the North-West of Madagascar.

The Osprey, also called Eagle of Madagascar (Haliaeetus vociferoides) is one of the rarest Raptors in the world. Medium size, It is characterized by its long and rounded wings and feathers in part white on the head, the neck and chest. Attending the edge of lakes and streams surrounded by forest, He moved also near large trees to better monitor his hunting territory. The Ankoay leaves itself observe in the morning when it is perched on the trees after chasing.

The last census reported less 200 breeding pairs remaining. Fortunately for Madagascar, There are 6 to 8 Ankoay couples, especially between Anjajavy and Moramba. Others are visible in highly touristic sites, as on the Mitsio archipelago, or in the Tsingy of Bekopaka and Tsarabanjina. And Majunga, We are fortunate to have 3 to the Park Reniala (Facebook universe Reniala in Majunga Their page on Trip Advisor

In order to preserve these pairs of sea eagles, the hotel Anjajavy Lodge has implemented an extensive conservation project, focused particularly on the protection of the great forest of Anjavavy, scope on a humid area of 300ha. The hotel also plans to contribute to the protection of a larger adjacent marine area, along the West Coast, to the site near the Bay of Moramba, where two or three pairs of Eagles fisherman are present.

With its 294 bird species, whose 107 are endemic, Madagascar is the paradise of ornithologists and bird lovers. Go to any national park to observe and hear them…

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