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Comorian parliamentary elections launched

Comorian parliamentary elections launched #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Comorian parliamentary elections launched

Comoros : President calls for 'refusal of unnecessary quarrels and controversies'

Official launch of the Comorian parliamentary elections by Azali Assoumani. The Comorian parliamentary elections 2020 planned 19 January and 23 Next February. They should enable the renewal of the members of the Union of Comoros.

Wednesday 18 December, President Azali Assoumani officially launched the election campaign. It will end on 16 Next January at midnight. He thus expressed his desire to make these elections a period of consolidation of democracy in Comoros, at a time when billions of euros of investment are at stake.

Reactions of the Comorian opposition

The 11 last October, Comorian opposition announced : "We all agree to boycott these elections, which will only be an additional charade". The Opposition Union, united front for the defence of the Comorian island of Anjouan (FUDA), The Movement of the 17 February (M17), as well as the National Transitional Council (Cnt) signed a resolution formalizing thatthey would not take part in the next legislative elections. A decision justified by the "illegitimate" nature of President Azali's power and by the "unconstitutionality" of a law passed at the beginning of September which authorizes the head of state to legislate by ordinances for the next legislative elections. Also at issue : "non-compliance with the electoral code". Nevertheless, some have found the parade to this boycott by presenting themselves without a label so as not to involve their parties when they are clearly identified as members.

Sixty candidates on the list

Nominations closed in mid-November. About 60 candidates are on the list to join the assembly.

Reminder, Assembly Union of Comoros is a parliament with a chamber made up of 33 renewed seats all 5 years. 24 seats, which correspond to the number of constituencies, directly by the population in the two-round first-past-the-post system. It is expected that 9 seats remaining in indirect voting by the assemblies of the three constituent islands of the Union, three seats each.

Wednesday, in a solemn statement on national television, the President of the Republic of the Union of Comoros officially opened the campaign from the Presidential Palace of Dar Nour in Anjouan. Quite a symbol when one remembers the violence and demonstrations that have taken place on this island since the re-election of Azali Assoumani.

Official launch of the Comorian parliamentary elections, President calls for 'refusal of unnecessary quarrels and controversies'

In his speech, the president also called the people "to make this campaign and these elections a period of consolidation of our democracy. I invite you to welcome candidates to your towns and villages, in your neighbourhoods and public squares, to listen, to favour democratic debate with them and to reject unnecessary quarrels and controversies. I have a duty to ensure that these elections are free, democratic and transparent. I will personally ensure that the democratic gains that the country has made in these 20 consolidated and for pluralism and the rule of law to continue in the Union of Comoros.. »

Azali Assoumani has also assured that he wants his nation to send a "Good message to our partners about the credits they have provided to our country", and conclude "I call for a vote. I wish good luck to all the candidates in these elections, and that the best wins. Long live the Republic, long-lived Union of Comoros. »

The campaign is now launched. No doubt she will be closely followed in Mayotte for two obvious reasons. The first, is that half the population of the island to the lagoon is Comorian. The second refers to the last presidential elections where several Comorian migrants arrived in Mayotte illegally to seek political asylum. In case of tensions or even clashes, the same pattern is likely to be repeated, even while in Mayotte, municipal elections will be in full swing.

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