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Happy Independence Day to all Malagasy !

Happy Independence Day to all Malagasy ! #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Happy Independence Day to all Malagasy !

This Friday 26 June, we're celebrating 60th anniversary of Madagascar's Independence, a must-see event. Happy Independence Day to all Malagasy !

This date reminds us, Indeed, the proclamation of Madagascar's independence in 1960, two years after the proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar in the French Community.

26 June : A historic date for Madagascar

The date of the 26 June 1960 is certainly the most important in Madagascar's history.

Under French colonization since 1896, The war for Madagascar's independence began in 1946. Faced with colonial rule, Malagasy begin armed and political struggles to free themselves and gain independence.

Thus, from 1946, the fight for the restoration of independence is led by the Malagasy Democratic Movement for Renovation (MDRM). This movement was led in particular by Joseph Raseta, Joseph Ravoahangy and Jacques Rabemananjara.

En 1947, more precisely the 29 March 1947, an insurgency broke out. A violent crackdown by the French colonial authorities led to a the deaths of more than ten thousand people.

French news considered Madagascar "one of the future regions of the French Union" six years before independence, en 1954. Being a member of the French Union, the island had undergone major work. To increase rice production, sugarcane, coffee, agriculture had been radically modernized. And they built new infrastructure there.

En 1958, Madagascar changes status. Overseas territory, it becomes an autonomous republic within the French Community ; a new entity created by the Fifth Republic. Two years later, i.e. in 1960, agreements with the Metropolis give it the status of an independent state, while maintaining privileged links between France and its former colony.

The large island thus achieves independence 26 June 1960. And the first President of the Republic of Madagascar was Philibert Tsiranana. He was a former MP who had pursued a conciliatory and benevolent policy towards France.

26 June 2020 : a restricted celebration

Unfortunately, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the return of Madagascar's Independence will not go as originally planned.

Faced with the risk of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country, the authorities took special measures this year in celebration of Independence Day. Not surprisingly,, there will be no podium, nor fireworks. Yet, the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, had bine planned a big celebration.

Crowds and public meetings will be prohibited. As work is underway at Mahamasina Stadium, officials chose Independence Avenue for the official celebration.

On the day of the 26 June, a military parade will be held just in Antananarivo (Analakely), but none in the other provinces. As was the case at the commemoration of the 29 March, the public will not be allowed to attend the parade. Similarly, not all state officials will be able to attend. Apart from the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, and the other Heads of Institutions, only the Mayor of the Urban Municipality of Antananarivo, and the Governor of the Analamanga region, will be present in Analakely.

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Happy Independence Day to all Malagasy !

God bless Madagascar !

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