World day of bread and food
Each year, the 16 October, the UN food and agriculture Organisation celebrates World Food Day, that commemorates the date of its creation, en 1945.

World day of bread and food
World day of bread and food by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

The birth of agriculture
Although the transition from hunting and gathering to food production based on culture and breeding – in other words, the birth of agriculture – to be produced independently in many parts of the world that's about 10 000 years, the history of agriculture is rich in examples of intercultural exchanges in the major consequences. The first archaeological evidence of agricultural activity in Europe is evidence of advanced technology, in the absence of the most basic tools.
According to a theory in effect, people in the Middle East would have brought in Europe their tools and their technologies. It would seem that such migration of agricultural populations have occurred in Africa, South and Central America, in China, in India and Southeast Asia.
Why these individuals move ? Agriculture, by providing a source of safer food, resulted in an increase in the population, whose part eventually migrate to new lands to avoid overcrowding.

Fight against food waste
The french government has launched, en 2013, a contribution to the food in the form of a day national day of fight against food waste. The aim is to halve the quantities discarded. We cannot here that greet this initiative by stigmatising behaviours of companies “rich” compared to food !

The World bread day
The International Federation of bakers (UIB) who said the day of the 16 October bread day. We can wonder about the choice of this date which is at the same time that chosen for World Food Day. Historically, the bread has been an essential part of food and maybe it's just there to pick up part of the answer … unless, Like me, you do not know to resist the aroma of bread fresh out of the oven !
The number and variety of breads that can be found in our bakers does not fail to surprise and makes you wonder when you consider the original extreme simplicity of bread : flour, water and salt …
Every country has its customs and traditions, each region has its bread and renewed interest in the bread with the green wave has multiplied the offer available.

Bread “daily” still means something to many of us and this is worth although he spends a day.

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga


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