World consumer rights day -JMCD-

Since 1983, the international association of consumers “Consumer International” celebrates World Day of consumer rights the 15 March. In a speech to the U.S. Congress, the 15 March 1962, the American president J.F. Kennedy avait énoncé les quatre droits fondamentaux du consommateur : right to security, right to ’ information, right to choose and d ’ be heard.

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The theme of the world day of consumer rights 2017 will be ‘ the rights of consumers to l ’ the digital ’.

In the coming weeks, Consumers International - CI- will work to develop campaign and advocacy ideas that will form the basis of our activities during the world day of consumer rights.

A quick change

Well over 3 billion d ’ beings human - is 40 % of the world's population - are today online ’ today, While only 1 % population l ’ was in 1995, and all the forecasts indicate that this number will continue to increase.

Although many consumers are experiencing difficulties to access these technologies, the rapid development of ’ internet, mobile phones and other digital technology has created opportunities and challenges for millions of consumers around the world.

While consumers have unquestionably the best access, the largest number of choices, and the convenience offered by these technologies, questions about the ways d ’ improve the quality of services are still d ’ news : What online services can consumers trust, What happens to the data than ’ they share online, and what are the rights of consumers relating to digital products ? This rapid change also represents a challenge.

While ’ it took 75 years on the phone to reach an audience of 50 million ’ users, He n ’ took only ’ a year to Facebook, and only 6 Instagram months. A survey conducted among CI members in 2015 has shown that the regulation did not reach s ’ adapt quite quickly in many countries.

Top of consumers

The activities of the JMCD 2017, CI co-animera a Summit of consumers who will be part of the ’ official agenda of the G20. L’événement sera co-animé par notre membre allemand VZBV dans le cadre de la présidence allemande du G20, and will represent an important contribution to the activities of the CI's JMCD l ’ next year.

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