World post day the 09 October.

Each year, World post day is celebrated the 9 October, anniversary of the Universal Postal Union creation (UPU) in Bern, capital of the Switzerland in 1874. That day was declared world day of the post by a decision taken at the Congress in Tokyo 1969. Since this date, countries around the world celebrate together and ’ year to l ’ other event. The positions of many countries seize l ’ opportunity to launch or promote new products and postal services.

The Paoma chose Mahajanga to celebrate the world post day. The holding of the WYD and the crowd of holidaymakers are for her an opportunity for better visibility. Several activities will mark the world post day, from this day, in the city of flowers.

La Paoma a choisi Mahajanga pour célébrer la Journée mondiale de la Poste
The Paoma chose Mahajanga to celebrate the world day of the post by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

Several activities will mark the world post day, from this day, in the city of flowers. "Deliver good to the whole world" is the theme chosen by the Universal Postal Union for this edition 2018. The doors open and philatelic exhibition started for the public since Monday, in front of the seat post Mahajanga-be, near the Cathedral.

"The city of Mahajanga was chosen to celebrate the world post day this year., due to some events that are currently, including the world youth days (WYD) 2018. The Malagasy Paositra (Paoma) will be present in all the sites of the WYD during this event. We are counting on a better visibility of the post, as the holiday period is also an opportunity to carry out commercial activities. In this sense, the post office still holds an important and leading role in daily life. She is always very requested, especially in the distribution and delivery of letters. Nothing can still substitute for mailed, Despite facing the advance of technology and globalization", explains the general manager of the Malagasy Paositra (Paoma), Augustin radio.
Delivery of trophies to deserving offices has succeed to the official illustrated by a series of speeches opening ceremony, scheduled. Similarly, employees received a honorary distinction.
The members of groups including all recipients/leaders will meet with the staff of the Paositra. And in the evening, the great family of the Paoma is sit around a post dinner.

In most of the countries, philatelic exhibitions are organized during this period. Commemorative stamps are issued the 9 October as well as an imprint of cancellation at date. Among the other events, include the organisation of open days in post offices, sorting centres and postal museums, the holding of conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as the Organization of cultural events, sporting and other recreational character.
Each year, the posts around the world receive the message of the Director-general of the UPU, which is read during the celebrations of the day world post and reproduced in the media.
Since 35 years, in collaboration with Unesco, the UPU is organizing an international competition of writing competition for young people. Most of the participating posts use world post day to hand out their awards to the winners of the competition.

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