International day of gastronomy the 21 September

French gastronomy has been registered in 2010 to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This recognition was followed by the launch of the “Feast of gastronomy” en 2011.

Initiated in 2011 the Ministry of economy and finance, the feast of gastronomy, renamed “Taste of France” for its 8th edition, is an ambitious national event dedicated to gastronomy and its actors. True carrier tourist offer of french radiation, It stimulates economic development and enhancement of territories.

By the discovery of the trades and products, These meetings are an opportunity to raise awareness and introduce the general public to French gastronomy and its issues.

Depuis le 4 December 2017, and suite to a will of the President of the Republic to promote the excellence of French gastronomy abroad, Gastronomy Festival changes its name and is called now : "Taste of France"..

The party of renamed gastronomy "Taste of France" will celebrate for three days, the 21 to the 23 September 2018, nationwide and internationally, an exceptional culinary heritage, major element of French culture. This feast helps ambitious conservation of this heritage living as ’ is the gourmet meal, Registrant to the intangible heritage of UNESCO and who received the patronage of the French Commission for UNESCO in 2014.

Through thousands of original and various events, "Taste of France" has the ambition to (Re)Discover french gastronomic heritage and its incredible richness. The culinary art of the France is a fabulous vehicle for cultural and touristic outreach. "Taste of France" is intended to accompany the best projects to enhance the art of French living and continue to showcase the expertise of all its actors.

International day of gastronomy the 21 September
International day of gastronomy the 21 September by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga


Appointment the 21, 22 and 23 September 2018, everywhere in France, to live and celebrate the products of our territories and go to the meeting of all actors who make the gastronomy.

The taste in all senses

We perceive the world through our 5 meaning : the taste, the touch, view, the hearing and smell, which maintain a perfect match.

Gold, We often forget, but the kitchen is an exaltation of the senses. When a merger takes place between the flavors, the taste, the texture, aesthetics, and the sound that the pleasure is revealed.

Culinary culture plays a vital and growing role for the development of tourism and it can be a pillar of growth.

Specialists in tourism, culture and gastronomy held culinary culture as an essential element of the tourism experience and indicated that it represented more and more of the spending of tourists. The importance of food culture has yet confirmed in the world report on the gastronomic tourism (UNWTO Global Report on Food Tourism).

The Silk Road, old road to travel and trade has played a major role in the evolution of international culinary arts.

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga

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