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14 July

French National Day : Why the 14 July ?

French National Day : Why the 14 July ?

Declared a national holiday in 1880, the date of the 14 July marks the celebration of the French Republic. It also marks the adherence of the French Republic to human rights and the refusal of all despotisms..

What happened on 14 July ?

En 1789, the States General composed of elected representatives of the nobility, of the clergy and the Third Estate are united on 5 May following complaints received by King Louis XVI. The 27 June, the king accepts the gathering of the three orders which proclaim themselves “National Constituent Assembly” the 9 July.

At the same time, royal troops concentrate around Versailles and Paris. The dismissal of Minister Necker 11 July and the rumor of the intervention of the royal troops ended up convincing the Parisian population to organize and calls to arms were launched.

The morning of 14 July, a crowd made up in particular of craftsmen and shopkeepers heads towards the Invalides where the weapons are stored. These Parisians then headed to the Bastille to collect powder.. The governor of the stronghold decides to shoot the crowd and a day of shootings ensues.. The garrison surrenders while its governor is executed shortly after the storming of the Bastille.

And a year later, the 14 July 1790, the storming of the Bastille is celebrated on Federation Day. Local national guard federations, which were created in all the French provinces during the summer 1789, gather at the Champ-de-Mars to parade and celebrate the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille and the union of the Nation.

Why is a military parade held ?

Upon adoption of 14 July as annual national holiday, a central place is given to the army in the festivities. Thus, en 1880, the program includes the military parade on the Longchamp racecourse. This choice of 14 July was made because this date represented an event and a civic celebration mixing the people and the army. Thus, each year, a military parade was organized as part of the program of national festivities.

And it's after the First World War, the 14 July 1919, that the military parade takes place on the Champs-Élysées (en 1919 with the “broken faces” followed by the victorious allied troops and the French army).

Subsequently, the parade did not always take place on the Champs-Élysées, as, for example, en 1979, where it took place in Paris, between Place de la République and Place de la Bastille.

The entire Coco Lodge Majunga team wishes a happy birthday to all French people.

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