Ethics for tourism : historical approval.

The Member States of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) approved last Friday a historical document, the framework Convention of the UNWTO Tourism Ethics. Adopted at the twenty-second session of the General Assembly of the UNWTO, This Convention becomes the Code of ethics for tourism in an international convention, the first in the life of the Organization.

Ethics for tourism : historical approval
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The Convention, which refers to the responsibilities of all stakeholders towards the development of a sustainable tourism, a framework for specifying a modus operandi ethical and sustainable, which includes the right to tourism, freedom of movement of tourists and the rights of workers and professionals.

"In an interconnected world where the business of tourism volume is comparable., When it does not exceed, as oil exports, food or automobiles, It is important to have a legal framework to ensure that growth will be managed in a responsible and sustainable. Tourism is a force that must be exploited to the benefit of all,"said the President of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics, Pascal Lamy.

Pascal Lamy, Chairman of the Committee since 2013, and his colleagues, contributed to the presentation of the Convention on the ethics of tourism in the twenty-second General Assembly of the UNWTO.

The Code conversion, adopted in 1999, into a full-fledged Convention represents an important step to ensure that the expansion of tourism will be in respect of sustainable development, social problems, development of local communities and a better understanding between cultures without neglecting the aspects related to the world of work.

"We are living a historic moment for the WTO" said the Secretary general of the UNWTO, Taleb Rifai, before adding : "The approval of the Convention is a great achievement of the international year of sustainable tourism for development that we celebrate in." 2017. She also launched a clear signal showing that countries are committed to making tourism a force at the service of a better future for all. It strengthens the institutional linkages of UNWTO at within the United Nations system".

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