The wine list of the Gourmet restaurant Coco Lodge Majunga.

The Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga offers a gourmet dinner with live music every Friday night (animation with the band Trio Family) the discovery of his kitchen. 5 appetizers "spoons" are added to a menu entry, main course and dessert.

And for drinks, We put at your disposal a beautiful card of wines...

This week, We put 3 white wines in the spotlight :

The wine list of the Gourmet Restaurant coconut Lodge Majunga.

CHABLIS tear of gold 2013 : the Chablis is a white dry wine, marked by its variety (chardonnay, called "beaunnois" in Chablis), and by its terroir. Chablis wines are from a single grape variety, Chardonnay, These are dry white wines which are distinguished by their purity, their freshness, their finesse, their minerality. The Chardonnay grape is expressed in Chablis like nowhere else. It taps into an old basement 150 million years personality, his character, and matures in ideal conditions, a semi-continental climate, allowing him to reach a nice balance between sugar richness and freshness.

LaCheteau Sancerre 2014 : the Sancerre is a wine of appellation of origin produced in the vicinity of Sancerre, in the Department of Cher and the region Centre-Val de Loire. It comes in three colors. The white wines of Sancerre are from single grape, the sauvignon. Located on the left bank of the Loire, the geographical area of this wine region covers the South-East edge of the Paris Basin.

Sancerre megalith 2007 field of the Perrière : There are several things in this vintage megalith. In the first place, a single grape, the white sauvignon. Then, There are old vines less productive but giving concentrated grapes. Finally, There are the best terroirs in the field, well exposed siliceous hillsides. The harvest, machine made, is wring gently before a double development : 40% from the vintage will depart in oak barrels of allier and the 60% left will go stay in vats English, to preserve the character of the sauvignon. This prestige cuvée comes from our old vines planted on the best hillsides located around the area.

“Megalith” from the Greek megas (ΜΈΓΑΣ) which means 'great' and lithos (ΛΊΘΟΣ) meaning "stone", which corresponds to the magical and timeless place where this cuvée is high : The cellars the Perrière. From one of the most beautiful Flint of our vineyard plots, Sancerre white vinified into a party in casks reveals brilliantly an atypical character. You can also drink in his youth which let him age a few years in the cellar. You will discover a complex and deep wine with the amazing Golden dress and aromas of exquisite candied fruits. Only 5.000 This rare vintage bottles are produced each year.

This week's menu :

The discovery of our kitchen (appetizers) :
Sofa with cheese
Small seafood basket
Nugget of shrimp
Nem chicken
Verrine with leeks

Starter of choice :
Broccoli to chickpeas salad
Tartare of swordfish on sofa in vegetables

Dishes :
Leg of mutton, garlic butter sauce, puree of carrots
Net of snapper with almonds, grilled vegetables

Dessert :
Majunga mango mousse
Coffee or gourmet tea

Special dinner in Ar 39 000.- per person all inclusive, excluding drinks.

At your reservations 034 07 011 34

By Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga

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