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Environment : All together to green Madagascar

Environment : All together to green Madagascar

The future of Madagascar and The Malagasy is based on the renewable natural resources that the country has. But the state alone can't do everything, it takes a mobilization of everyone to save Nature.

All together to green Madagascar

The emergence of Madagascar will not happen if our natural capital is destroyed. And destroyed biodiversity must be restored to support a sustainable economy.

Then, we must put an end to all trafficking in natural resources and firmly apply the laws in force in their preventive and repressive aspects. We must also ensure the sustainability of our protected areas and our marine resources. ; this biodiversity is the "infrastructure" that supports our society and our development.

Civil society organizations, public figures, Youth and the media, all the living forces of the nation, we have to act now. Set, protect and restore nature, the foundation of a healthy Malagasy society and a prosperous economy.

It is time to sign a new commitment for nature and for humanity to ensure a future for 8 billions of people on Earth.

The Malagasy ecosystem is at risk

Madagascar is not left behind. July 2020, IUCN announced that 31 % all species of lemurs in Madagascar are now critically endangered, when a WWF scientific report 2019 already showed that 53% Madagascar's terrestrial protected areas are highly vulnerable to climate change.

The main reason is habitat loss due to deforestation.
How we produce and consume food and energy, as well as the blatant disregard for the environment enshrined in our current economic model, have pushed the planet's ecosystems delà̀ their limits. In Madagascar, deforestation in all its forms destroyed 254.000 hectares of forest 2019 according to the global forest watch.

We 8 billions of reasons to respond to the SOS launched by nature. Not only to preserve the incredible biodiversity that we love and with which we have a moral duty to coexist, but also because ignoring it puts the future of nearly 8 billions of people.

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