Entrepreneurship Startup Info in search of African talent

The second edition of the Startup contest African of the year opens to all holders of innovative project. The winners will have the opportunity to succeed their business.

An opportunity to seize. After the success of the first African edition of the Startup of the year 2017 (22 millions of people on social networks, 44 participating countries, 582 applications in 4 weeks, 18 industries covered), the Startup.info magazine launches the second edition, the year 2018.

Entrepreneurship Startup Info in search of talent by African Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga.

This opens to all startups based in Africa, having a legal existence, whose creation date is from the 1ER January 2010, and which in addition have a prototype. Entries for this contest are open to the 10 December on the web page https://startup.info/fr/startupafro/, as has been pointed out by Angela Rakotondrainibe, responsible for development of entrepreneurship within the NGO Habaka, partner of the event.

According to his explanations, the Contest excludes no sector. It aims to enhance African startups to high potential by connecting them to a network of international companies at the forefront of innovation. On this, actors major international support the initiative, among others, the ENGIE, first independent producer of electricity in the world, Qwant, the European search engine, Finance Innovation, a global competitiveness cluster dedicated to the French financial industry, and the PwC, a consulting firm, Audit and accounting. In addition 70 partners, including media, Chambers of commerce, incubators, as well as influential blogs.

Various prizes to be won

Online voting will begin from this 27 November and will not be completed as the 22 December. After the counting of the votes, the finalists will be interviewed in Casablanca, to the Morocco, the 24 January 2018, on the eve of the award ceremony scheduled the 25 January 2018. The winners will be awarded various prizes, the first is the price of the African Startup of the year. The winner will walk away with a cheque for 10 000 EUR, the equivalent of 37 millions of ariary, and a communication with an estimated value pack 10 000 EUR, including a skin on startup.info, a campaign of communication media and social networks, well as a relationship with all the partners of the contest.

There will also be special price PwC or award of the jury including the winner will receive a communication pack of 50 000 views and relationships with all the partners of the contest. Then, the special partners awards by ENGIE, Finance Innovation and Startup.info, According to their respective areas. The audience award will be for the first five of the ranking of the votes of the public. It comes, among others, a cheque of 2 000 EUR (7 400 000 ariary), a communication pack with 20 000 views, well as a relationship of the startup with the contest partners.

by Hotel * Restaurant gourmand coconut Lodge Majunga.


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