In September WWF really put his hand into the dough

September was the month of the innovations in the service of conservation and sustainable development in Madagascar

Cyber Trackers to keep away the pioneer of forests.

En septembre WWF a vraiment mis la main à la pâte
In September WWF really put his hand into the dough by Hotel * Restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

Fahamaro is a store of Amoron'i Onilahy, Ramsar site and community protected area. He explains that it is a sacred Act to protect the forest. "The forest ensures the survival of our community.". It gives us the rain, an important element that is scarce in recent years., says Fahamaro. "This Cyber Tracker helps us to detect anomalies in the forest", continues – t he.
The Cyber Tracker is a mobile application to collect data in the field. It helps to realize the pressures on the forest or the information about the animals who live there. Very easy to use, It can be manipulated even by someone illiterate during patrols. This information is sent instantly to the WWF team and forest administration via the Internet"says Tojo Rasolozaka, of the WWF. This advanced technology helps managers of protected areas to be more proactive in their decision-making in the face of the pressures on the forest.
WWF has provided a series of training to 36 Community Rangers to Amoron' innovative i Onilahy including Fahamaro to familiarize with this tool of patrol. Next step : a solar portable units to ensure the autonomy of their Cyber Trackers.

Laurent Christmas, a fisherman of Tsiribihina delta became the engineer of the local Kamado improved home.
Father of 12 children, Laurent Christmas is family man and farmer in the delta of Tsiribihina, on the West coast of Madagascar.En 2015, He trained as a WWF-supported, in the manufacture of homes improved Kamado. The Kamado is a Japanese traditional improved home introduced by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in Madagascar. Land-based, It is very easy to make. Its conical shape and the Earth with which we make to keep the heat any longer. This allows to divide by three wood consumption compared to the households in the open air. Laurent Christmas has still improved it by finding straw swollen by humidity decreased volume during drying. Which tended to cause cracks in the home. He then replaced this element by the ashes of rice to get a stronger focus. He also thought to add patterns to enhance the rustic side of its homes. Committed, his ambition is to expand his business to support his family and at the same time to reduce the pressures on the forest.

A lasting solution to treat the mercury in our old spent lamps.
Did you know that our light bulbs, and especially those so-called economic contain mercury, a heavy metal that is an environmental and health threat potential ?
It's one of the reasons for which the WWF gave a machine at the service of the city of Antananarivo-waste collection (SAMVA). This machine is able to recover the mercury in the lamps used and to isolate the broken glass that surround it. To facilitate the collection, of recovery bins have been left at the level of 61 fokontany of the capital. "Since the establishment of this sorting tray in our grocery customers came to take their old bulbs. They know where their old bulbs to go once worn., says the owner of a grocery store in Antsakaviro, between Homeopharma and the Catholic Church of Ankadivato. The SAMVA will regularly collect lamps discarded in bins in order to transport them to the discharge of Andralanitra. "Through the partnership put in place", the collection and processing of lamps containing mercury is now part of services that the SAMVA offers to all who are interested, including the companies', concludes Thierry Randriamanalina, of the WWF.

by Hotel * restaurant gourmet coconut Lodge Majunga

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