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Devices against coronavirus epidemic

Devices against the #2019-nCov-MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille outbreak

Devices against the coronavirus epidemic

Devices against the coronavirus epidemic : Strengthening prevention and management systems

Madagascar, like other countries in the world, sets up devices against the coronavirus epidemic. The authorities are in charge of surveillance and anticipate the possible introduction of coronavirus into the territory.

Madagascar is doing everything it can to prevent the virus from entering or spreading on the territory. In any case, this is what sums up the working meeting and the visit conducted yesterday on 02 February by the Prime Minister, Christian Ntsay, at Ivato international airport.

Motivated to fight together

All the entities involved responded, including the Ministry of Public Health, Foreign Affairs, The Department of Water, Sanitation and hygiene, Transport, Tourism and Meteorology as well as the Civil Aviation authority of Madagascar.

The main aim was to take stock of the measures already in place, and those to be strengthened or improved regarding this epidemic that has been raving the planet for several weeks. Thus, the eight airports and 4 ports in Madagascar are on the front line of areas where surveillance will be increased.

Arrangements are already being made

If coronavirus were to enter Madagascar, arrangements are already being made for care and quarantine, assured the Prime Minister yesterday. Madagascar is one of three African countries where the presence of the Pasteur Institute makes it easier to screen, to confirm or deny the presence of this virus in possible suspected cases. Christian Ntsay also pointed out that the country has learned from the epidemic situations it has faced in the past, including the plague. And it intends to do everything possible to adopt the most effective approach, both medically and in terms of communication.

Evolution in the world.

All over the world, the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic is monitored hour by hour.

The cape of the 300 dead 305 deaths of which at least 45 over the past few years 24 hours has been crossed since yesterday, 02 February 2020. First death outside China reported. This is a death in the Philippines of a Chinese national from Wuhan, the focus of the epidemic. This is not a local contamination. In addition to this first death, there are no other cases recorded in this country. More than 14 500 proven cases are identified to date, China and 24 other countries. This figure exceeds the number of confirmed infections during the Sars (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), also caused by a coronavirus that caused 774 dead between 2002 and 2003.

This finding confirms the high contagiousness of this new coronavirus, christened 2019-n-Cov, which is currently rampant.

According to the latest figures available, Asian countries have the highest number of confirmed cases. In addition to China, 14 380 confirmed cases and 304 Death, Japan registers 20 Case, follow-up to Thailand (19), Singapore (16), South Korea and Australia (12). In all these countries, In addition to China, and now the Philippines, no deaths are to be regretted. The United States, on the other hand, confirmed an eighth case of contamination. Eight cases also in Germany and Malaysia.

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