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Discovery of a new species of Aloe

Discovery of a new species of Aloe

Discovery of a new species of Aloe

Good news, our big island has not finished surprising us yet. « Madagascar Express announces the discovery of a new species of Aloe endemic to Madagascar.

Congratulations to Doctor Letsara Rokiman

“Aloe analavenensis Letsara” or “Mist” in Malagasy. It's not only a new species of Aloe which has just been the subject of a doctoral thesis by the person who discovered it, Dr Letsara Rokiman, researcher-teacher at the Botanical and Zoological Park of Tsimbazaza.

Unknown so far, this new species of "Vahona", endemic to Madagascar, shows through the information collected during the analyzes carried out by the researcher, possibilities of exploitation in terms of environmental conservation and for industrial purposes in the field of cosmetics, food industry or pharmacology.

Biological activities

“… Knowledge of Malagasy plants must begin with our own efforts and the effective commitment of the State to scientific research. It is essential for the development of Madagascar », recommends Letsara Rokiman, following the presentation of his doctoral thesis on 11 November 2020 at the Industrial Processes and Systems Engineering Doctoral School, Agricultural and Food (GPSIA), Polytechnic Superior School (ESPA), University of Antananarivo.

Discovery of a new species of Aloe, a Pmedicinal plant

This work devoted to a new species of Aloe is timely in the current context.. Indeed, the virtues of medicinal plants, particularly Aloe and its most famous variety, Aloe vera, are seen as the most promising solutions to fight the coronavirus.

By the way, Doctor Letsara is one of the Malagasy experts who are scientific authorities on this plant. "The results of this research can serve as a basis which must now be deepened if we are considering the possible exploitation of this species", Souligne Letsara Rokiman.

(Source : Express de Madagascar – 26/11/2020)

"Plant of Immortality"

Aloe, in particular Aloe vera is nicknamed as the "plant of immortality" by the Egyptians. Its use dates back more than 6 000 years. Read the Incas, the Chinese and Greeks also used it to heal the skin, the hair, gums and internal organs. Many studies have already proven its benefits and virtues.

Today, those who are in the world of cosmetics use it a lot, but other sectors such as dermatology and phytotherapy also use it.

Processing, the virtues of Aloe vera make it possible to :

  • Relieve occasional constipation,
  • Treating Genital Herpes,
  • Reduce the risk of pain associated with lichen planus
  • Treat Psoriasis,
  • Accelerate the healing of burns,
  • Treat Ulcerative Colitis, the injuries, skin infections and inflammations,
  • Treat dermatitis caused by radiation therapy,
  • Reduce dental plaque,
  • Reduce glucose levels in diabetics,

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