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Covid-Organics - Coronavirus Remedy

Covid-Organics - Coronavirus Remedy #Covid19 #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille

Covid-Organics - Coronavirus Remedy

Covid-Organics - Remedy against Coronavirus made in Madagascar

That's it, Madagascar has found a cure for coronavirus. It is a preventive and curative remedy against coronavirus that scientists have named "Covid-Organics".

Conclusive tests

Clinical trials on this medicinal herbal remedy from Madagascar have been conclusive. The President of the Republic Andry Rajoelina announced it yesterday. "Today, I officially announce here the success and good results of the trials of our remedy".

This is the Covid-Organics, Artemisia-based drug, produced by IMRA (Malagasy Institute for Applied Research, By Professor Albert Rakoto-Ratsimamanga.

President Malagasy is therefore the first president in the world to have dared to formalize Artemisia while WHO advises reforesting it. Treatment of this plant has even been banned in several European countries. However, artemisia has a proven track worth in China and across Africa in the treatment of malaria.

This remedy is the result of extensive research and hard work with IMRA researchers and foreign scientists, according to Andry Rajoelina. IMRA is researching Artemisia, which it introduced to Madagascar in the 1990s 60 for many years.

Covid-Organics is therefore a drug produced in the scientific and medical standards required.

"Patients treated with Covid-Organics have been cured ».

The fact that so far no deaths have been recorded and that thirty-nine patients have been cured proves that Covid-Organics responds well to the virus. Patients in respiratory distress have been taken from business and have already been discharged from hospital.

Official launch

Today, Covid-Organics will be officially launched. And it will be administered to students who will soon return to school. It is both a preventive by strengthening the immune system and curative in treating coronavirus patients.

As the President had pointed out, Covid-Organics could put Madagascar at the forefront of the international scene. It will even shake up a lot of things when we know the financial stakes that will be called into question by the entry into play of the Artemisia. But it is difficult for many countries not to recognize its effectiveness if Madagascar emerges without breaking the pandemic. In fact, German researchers have also admitted the efficiency of Artemisia against coronavirus.

Solidarity and progressive deconfinement

The President of the Republic appealed for the solidarity and collaboration of citizens to protect the achievements of research.

It is thanks to this discovery that we have more or less succeeded in controlling the epidemic and which allows a gradual deconfinement starting this week.

For the international credibility of Covid-Organics, Andry Rajoelina announced the start of clinical trials in foreign laboratories this week.

Let's keep fighting !

We must continue to comply with all measures. Every citizen must always continue to take responsibility. Thus, we can lift the state of emergency and focus on development work that is lagging behind because of this pandemic.

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