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Coronavirus : Doubts about statistics

Coronavirus : Doubts about #Covid19 #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille statistics

Coronavirus : Doubts about statistics

Coronavirus : Doubts about statistics in Madagascar. The explosion of figures on new cases of Covid-19, the 07 May caused a wave of panic. And it did not fail to provoke the wrath of the President of the Republic who pointed the finger, last Thursday, the complacency that each other is showing.

But it turns out that the announced figures would not ultimately, Seems, what they should be.


35 ? 67 ? 32 ? 4 ? The latest figures on new confirmed cases of Covid-19 announced on 7 may 2020 have sowed confusion in minds.

The explanations provided, the 8 may, officials to reassure public opinion, don't seem to have had much effect. And they may even bring the entities involved in the testing into disrepute not only, but also across the system.

Recalling the facts.

« 35 confirmed new cases", Covid-19 spokeswoman announces, the 7 may. His side, WHO says, the same day, 67 new cases (either 32 In addition), then retracts and finally aligns itself with the figure 35 officially announced by the ORC.

According to the explanations of the ORC spokeswoman, 'The 32 cases have not yet been announced because the state has taken the decision to have the tests on them redone.".

Thus, the 32 people already confirmed to be positive for coronavirus have been re-recalled, to take further samples at the Charles Mérieux Centre for Infection (CICM) in Ankatso.

According to the ORC spokeswoman, 21 tests on 32 redone have already delivered their results : 4 on 21 were confirmed positive a second time. In other words, 17 previously confirmed positive cases were ultimately found to be negative !

The results of the 11 people left on the 32. On the other hand, the 35 others who have already been declared "positive cases" will have to, they too, retest at the CICM with the same technical platform common to the three entities.

Coronavirus : Doubts about statistics -l'State asks the Pasteur Institute for an explanation

Following the publication of these statistics, Prime Minister Christian Ntsay summoned the heads of the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar (Ipm), Yesterday, Mahazoarivo.

The Minister of Health and the Minister of Foreign Affairs attended the event. This interview focused in particular on the contradictions around statistics. For this purpose, The Prime Minister asked for further explanations from the IPM.

An investigation will be carried out to find out more about the reasons for this confusion over the number of positive cases in the Big Island. According to a press release from the Primature, the results of this investigation will be known next Wednesday.

In the same stride, a counter-test will be conducted by the Charles Mérieux Centre for Infection in Ankatso.

Last situation point

The latest situation on coronavirus in Madagascar reports three new cures and two new confirmed cases of Covid-19, announced yesterday 10 May at midday, by Prof.. Vololontiana Hanta. Therefore, there are currently 67 patients being treated. Total, there's officially 171 positive cases in the big island, whose 104 Healings.

So far, The number of tests carried out in Madagascar is 4481. Regarding the 67 cases already confirmed, but whose tests had to be redone, we don't yet know the results in their entirety.


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