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COP26 : Madagascar against global warming

COP26 : Madagascar against global warming

COP26 : Madagascar against global warming

The Big Island makes its voice and its demands heard at the world summit on climate change. She pleads, including, for an acceleration of the mobilization of resources to support the climate transition in Africa. COP26 : Madagascar against global warming.

“We must act now”

Words spoken with determination by Andry Rajoelina, President of the Republic, during his speeches at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26), in Glasgow, in Scotland.

The Head of State announced the color during his meeting with the diplomatic corps and representatives of technical and financial partners (PTF), at Iavoloha State Palace, in October. Madagascar intends to make its voice heard during this climate summit. And that's the case.

Whether during the themed meeting « Action and solidarity – the critical decade », Monday, during closed circle meetings, or at the podium of the world conference, President Rajoelina, carrying the voice of the Big Island and speaking on behalf of Africa has hammered its call for immediate action to counter climate change.

« We must act now and it is here, in Glasgow that this must be acted. Only one word, a single gesture, willpower followed by action will change things (… ) Failure is not an option, we have to succeed, for us, for our nation, for our world. The land that gave us everything asks us, today, to save her. Save our planet », says President Rajoelina, at the podium of the COP 26.

COP26 : Madagascar against global warming and wants to be heard

The COP 26 is an opportunity to speak, eye to eye, with the decision makers of the world powers. And the Malagasy delegation did not shun this opportunity to be heard. Through the Head of State, Madagascar emphasized the urgency of the situation.

Climate injustice

Andry Rajoelina pointed out that in the south of the country, more than one million three hundred thousand people are already suffering, daily, the horrors of climate change. Due to the drought which is gaining ground and lasting longer than in previous years, thousands of families are in a situation of "food distress"..

"My compatriots are bearing the toll of a climate crisis in which they did not participate". For Madagascar, it is a “climate injustice”. Faced with decision-makers and environmental activists gathered in Glasgow, the President has, However, highlighted the fact that his administration is working to fight against the consequences of climate change with the means at its disposal.

Some points of the Emergence Plan for the South have, including, raised in his speeches.

This is the case of the construction of a pipeline to supply water to the Deep-south.

Support for the Emergence Plan for the South has, exactly, been at the center of the exchanges between Andry Rajoelina and VIcky Ford, UK African Affairs Minister, on the edge of the summit.


The fight against deforestation is, Furthermore, the central subject of discussions during this second day of the COP 26. Talking about the situation in Africa, and the reality in Madagascar, in particular, the President of the Republic regrets that the main danger for the forests of the Big Island and the black continent is the use of firewood and charcoal.

Only in Madagascar, the vast majority of families still use charcoal for their household needs.

" To get 10 pounds of coal, however, it is necessary 100 pounds of wood, i.e. one hectare per family, each year '., says Andry Rajoelina. For the entire African continent, he claims that near 4 million hectares of forest, per year, are turned into coal.

“Our forests are the lungs of our planet. This world heritage is today, endangered. We must act today, not tomorrow, nor wait 2030 [with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals agenda (ODD)] », then pleads the Malagasy President.

Solutions durables

As a solution, Madagascar then advances a necessary energy transition in Africa. One of the options is the replacement of firewood and charcoal with bioethanol and biogas.

Andry Rajoelina conceded, However, that an energy transition cannot take place without financial support and technical support commensurate with the challenges and the urgency of the fight against climate change.

Just for Madagascar, the cost for the production and popularization of bioethanol and biogas is estimated at 100 $ million. Also, on behalf of the whole continent, President Rajoelina demands that the global giants accelerate the mobilization of 100 billion dollars recorded in the Paris agreement, en 2015. A promise made by them to compensate “climate injustice”, suffered by African nations.

These 100 billion, which were to be fully disbursed in 2020, were to be used to finance energy transformation and climate change projects in Africa. Only, so far, words are far from being followed by deeds. Speeches by the leaders of the G20 member states, at the COP 26 puzzle. State leaders among the biggest polluters did not even take part. Determined, Andry Rajoelina a, However, hammered, "we must act here and now".

COP26 : Madagascar against global warming – Source : Madagascar Express

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