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Against the Abandonment of Animals

Against the abandonment of #StopalAbandon #SolidaritéAnimal #MyMadagascar #MahajangaMaVille animals

Against the abandonment of animals !

This 27 June 2020, it's the second World Day Against #8217 abandonment of pets.

World Day Against the Abandonment of Pets was launched to denounce and alert the public authorities, raise public awareness and take action against this injustice done to our four-legged companions.

Do not abandon them !

Each year, especially in the run-up to the summer holidays, millions of dogs and cats are abandoned around the world by their owners. These abandonments expose animals to road accidents, traps, to hunger, wandering and especially despair.

An initiative Animal Solidarity », This World Day is supported by many other associations, of which, of course, the Spa.

Solidarity-Animal (formerly Solidarity Refuges) is an association created in July 2018. Its aim is to promote and organize aid to shelters and associations that collect abandoned or stray animals. In particular, by making it easier to connect people and companies who want to, on a volunteer basis, provide material assistance or services. They created the platform Solidarité to provide a tool for connecting.

Abandoning animals is a crime

Since 1976, abandonment of animals is a crime. It is considered an act of cruelty, just like animal abuse. Yet, more than a hundred thousand of them are abandoned each year in France. So what about in a country like Madagascar ?

If we are talking about Europe, it is in France that the animal population is the largest. It's also, Alas, in the same country with the most dropouts. "Since January 1st 2020, we got 60 abandoned dogs at the shelter (…) and impounded, where dogs and cats are found on the side of the road. We recovered 225 cats and 127 dogs" laments Nicole Sainjon.

The President of the Bergerac SPA would like to that all respect the obligation to identify animals in order to contain the problem. "Some countries, such as Belgium and Holland, have managed to manage these. If your pet doesn't have a microchip, is not identified, you have a very, very hefty fine. And there is also an obligation to sterilize animals.".

On the occasion of the World Day Against the Abandonment of Animals, This Saturday 27 June, the SPA is launching a campaign that is 5 Thematic :

  • Abandonment,
  • Hungry,
  • Violence,
  • Danger,
  • Afraid

world pet abandonment day : a symbolic date

The last Saturday of June is symbolically that of the first great departure of the Julyists, in most European countries. For 2020, it falls on 27 June. It is therefore this date that has been chosen to mobilize citizens and bring together animal protection associations.

SPA shelters are overwhelmed by the arrival of abandoned animals and this Global Awareness Day will highlight a scourge that plagues people every year at the dawn of holiday departures.

There is less abandonment of animals due to containment.

At least, according to the SPA, the number of abandonments has been significantly reduced this year due to the containment of, coronavirus device.

According to Nicole Sainjon, President of the Bergerac SPA, containment has not resulted in further abandonment in the Dordogne. But we found that 5 abandonments on the first day of deconfinement. "Dogs and cats were brought in during the confinement, but individuals, being confined to their homes, didn't bring us their animals. They waited until the end of the confinement to bring them to us.", She says.

Against the abandonment of animals !

Set, save these animals in distress !

  • Alert the general public about this reality of our consumer society. The animal is not an object that can be thrown away. His abandonment has dramatic consequences on his psychological balance. And many cats and dogs live it as a trauma for .
  • Make public authorities aware of the plight of animal welfare associations that help these animals. Collect them, treat them, feeding them, Educating them and finding them a new family is a mission entirely supported by the private sector that relies on individuals. Denying the enormous needs of these structures, it's adding unhappiness to unhappiness.
  • Act, mobilizing the means, Energy, ideas and goodwill.

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