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Concert virtuel pour les artistes de l'Océan Indien dont 02 Malagasy

Virtual concert for artists from the Indian Ocean including 02 Malagasy

Virtual concert for artists from the Indian Ocean including 02 Malagasy

Music Festival : A virtual concert for artists from the Indian Ocean including 02 Malagasy

17 artists from the Indian Ocean will be live. Artists from Mayotte, the Comoros, Madagascar, Of the reunion, from Mauritius and the Seychelles.

This Festi Muzik Océan Indien festival will take place this Saturday 15 may 2021. It is a festival organized by A.I.D.E.. (Action pour l’Internationalisation, Development and Emergence) Indian Ocean.

Virtual concert

This Covid-19 health crisis and the resulting government measures have obviously handicapped the international artistic scene., French and Mayotte. So the organizers had to adapt to offer a choice musical offer to the public., who is also lacking in stage performances.

Thus, the greatest artists of the moment innovate, like a Travis Scott, who had offered a live concert on the hit video game Fortnite, bringing more than 12 million (TV)viewers on the blockbuster's servers.

It's a way like any other to offer culture, so cruelly absent from our daily lives for more than a year.

17 artists, 2h30 the show, for 9 EUR

In their own way, local players are also innovating.

It is within this framework that A.I.D.E.. Indian Ocean organized the Indian Ocean Festi Muzik. This will take place on Saturday 15 may 2021, to 19 hours, Madagascar time.

To follow the 2 concert hours and 30 minutes of DJ set, a contribution of 9 euros will be requested from spectators.

It is specified that’part of the proceeds from the event will be “donated to Covid victims in the Indian Ocean”. For less than ten euros, interested parties may be entitled to 17 artists on stage – but behind their screen.

Virtual concert for artists from the Indian Ocean including 02 Malagasy

The star Goulam will represent the Comoros archipelago along with Sheikh M.C, Alain Ramanisum et Laura Beg for Mauritius, Richie B and Sandra will make the colors of the Seychelles shine, Reunion will be represented by Brandon Plaxa, Junior et Missty, and for Madagascar, it will be the Queen and the King of Salegy ; Ninie Donia et Wawa.

To the rhythm of Malagasy Salegy

Ninie Donia, The Queen of Salegy, worthy of her !

“She does not claim her throne, she takes it".

With to his credit, 25 many years of experience on stage, it is part of what is called the old school, the one where the songs convey real messages, where the singers are real artists.

As a worthy queen, she shows the right way to the new generation, because according to her, an artist should be a role model for society. " Over the years, I made it a point of honor to perpetuate the values ​​of Malagasy culture. A code of conduct that goes perfectly with the practice of Salegy. »


If there is a name that is on everyone's lips right now on the other side of the Indian Ocean, it's this one : Wawa.

He is from Nosy Be, a Malagasy singer-songwriter who is nicknamed “by Roi du Salegy”.

Named the greatest singer of the Indian Ocean in 2016 and advocating a great career ahead of him.

A great Indian Ocean Show

The DJ set, which will last about thirty minutes, will be provided by DJ Domoun and DJ Next, and Zulmé will also be on stage, he who was designated as the "favorite" of the line-up by the organizers.

Ark, an artist from Mayotte affirms that “The concert aimed at the entire Indian Ocean, there will be a lot of visibility. This is very positive for someone who has just made his debut. ».

She assures that this online concert will offer the public "a maximum of good times". “There will be atmosphere, continue the artist. This event is a good concept, and it shows that you can have fun and enjoy your home, at home ".

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