(2 hours drive go, idem return)

No worries to this circuit in a single day because there is no tracks, only from the road.
The National Park of Ankarafantsika, in the Northwest of Madagascar, is a mosaic of dense, dry forests.
Ankarafantsika is a den of birds and lemurs. A peculiarity that makes conservation a real leitmotiv for this national park. 8 lemur species have been observed in Ankarafantsika : a diurnal species, 2 mixed species, 5 typically nocturnal species including the famous mouse lemurs, the smallest primates in the world (14 centimeters).
129 species of birds nest in the forest of Ankarafantsika, 75 of them are endemic.
Finally, Ankarafantsika is also home to local endemic reptiles : chameleons, iguanas, snakes, turtles of soft water and crocodiles.
The flora of Ankarafantsika is very diverse. There are 823 species, 82% are endemic herbaceous plants and 92% for Woody plants.
And what about the absolutely magical Canyon....

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